A Home For A Dinosaur Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Home For A Dinosaur Questions & Answers.

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A Home For A Dinosaur Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bump – to hit something with force
  • Hatches – to bring forth (young one) from the egg
  • Out of sight – invisible
  • Rattled – to make a noise like a series of knocks
  • Smashed – to cause something to break noisily into smaller pieces
  • Uncurled – to unwind from curled position
  • Bundle – something tied or wrapped tightly
  • Clarence – bright
  • Weed – an undesirable plant growing wild
  • Slid – slide, move smoothly along a surface
  • Dozing – a short, light sleep
  • Garbage – waste material
  • Spilling – to spread out of container
  • Delicious – very tasty
  • Dump – place where people throw waste material
  • Plenty – lots of

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

(a) Sam found an egg and took it to school.
(b) The egg hatched and a baby dinosaur came out.
(c) At first, Clarence lived in the school.
(d) Soon, he became too big to live in the school playground.
(e) Then Sam found that Clarence loved garbage.
(f) So, they took Clarence to the City Council.
(g) Now Clarence had a home to live in and plenty to eat.

Question 2: How did Sam take the egg to school?

Answer: Sam rolled the egg all the way to school.

Question 3: Why did Clarence like living in the school?

Answer: Clarence liked living in the school and playing with the children. They climbed up on him and slid down his sides. They played hide-and-seek around him and when it rained, they stood under him. Also, he got garbage in the school.

Question 4: How did the school playground become bare?

Answer: At first, Clarence ate weeds out of the school garden. But as he grew, he nibbled the trees, flowers and grass in the playground. Soon nothing grew in the playground at all and it became bare.

Question 5: How did the City Council people help Clarence?

Answer: Clarence loved to eat garbage and so, the City Council people were happy to make a home for him at the garbage dump.

Question 6: Why was everyone happy in the end?

Answer: Clarence was the happiest dinosaur in the world because every day, big trucks would collect the garbage from around the city and take it to the garbage dump so that he had delicious meals. The City Council was happy because there was not a bit of garbage anywhere. Children were also happy because now, the leaves and grass were growing again in the playground.

So, these were A Home For A Dinosaur Questions & Answers.

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