A Lantern As Big As A House Questions & Answers

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A Lantern As Big As A House Questions & Answers

Question 1: When is the festival of Vesak celebrated? What happens during this festival?

Answer: The festival of Vesak is celebrated in May in India and Southeast Asia.

It is a feast in honour of Gautama Buddha and people’s hearts are filled with fervour as they flock to the temples to pay their respects. At this time of the year, the full moon shines with a special brightness. At sundown on the first day of the festival, many lanterns of various colours begin twinkling in homes everywhere.

Question 2: How did Patiya get the idea for his lantern?

Answer: Patiya got his idea for the lantern from the ones he had seen in the city the previous year when his grandmother and he had gone to see the festival illuminations there. Some of the lanterns had seemed as big as houses, and Patiya had been unable to forget them.

Question 3: What was the first difficulty that Patiya faced? How did his grandmother solve it?

Answer: The first difficulty that Patiya faced was the thought that he would not be able to afford enough paper to cover the huge lantern.

The grandmother solved the problem by telling Patiya that they would dig up their crop of sweet potatoes, sell them at the market and then use that money to buy paper for the lantern.

Question 4: When did Patiya and Granny start working? How did they work together?

Answer: Granny and Patiya began working on the lantern one day before Vesak.

There wasn’t enough room on the small porch for the lantern and two persons. So, Granny got inside the framework and sat on the floor, cutting the paper. Patiya stood on a chair outside and pasted the pieces of paper on the framework. Granny kept cutting out paper flowers and trimming. Patiya kept taking them from her by reaching into the top of the lantern and pasting them on the lantern in the way he thought they looked best.

Question 5: How did the people in the village celebrate Vesak?

Answer: The people of the village celebrated Vesak by going to the temple early in the morning and participating in a ceremony where they prayed wholeheartedly. People put up Vesak decorations everywhere. In the evening, they hung up the bright paper lanterns they made with a lot of care over the last month.

Question 6: What was the last challenge that Patiya and Granny faced? How did they overcome it?

Answer: The last challenge was that, in his excitement, Patiya had closed the last opening on the lantern that was being left open for Granny’s exit. He had therefore pasted Granny in.

Granny asked Patiya not to worry. She lit the candles with the box of matches she had with her and sat down to meditate patiently inside the lantern. Granny’s patience helped them overcome the difficulty.

Question 7: Describe the lovely sight that the villagers came to see.

Answer: As Granny meditated inside the lantern, there appeared the shadow of an aged woman in deep meditation against one side of it. All the villagers came to see the grand lantern sometime during that night. And they stood in silence watching the lovely sight, the glowing lantern and the meditating shadow from within it.

Question 8: Complete the sentences:

1. Patiya tied strips of bamboo together to form the diamond-shaped framework of the lantern.
2. The children of the neighbourhood came to watch Patiya make his huge lantern.
3. Patiya and Granny walked proudly into a shop and bought all the paper needed for decorating the lantern.
4. Granny cut the paper into beautiful patterns and Patiya pasted them on the lanterns.
5. Even in his dreams, Patiya could see the lantern as big as a house.

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