Talk About Caves Questions & Answer

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Talk About Caves Questions & Answers.

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Talk About Caves Questions & Answer

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. Water makes new beds in secret rooms in the cave, which it decorates – True
2. The caveman sat wrapped in before a warm fire and heard beasts roaring in the wild – True
3. Bat does not live in the cave, but rests on the tree outside – False
4. The dragon lay gloating in the cave and turned to stone – True
5. Night and Day stay together in the cave – False

Question 2: Who do you think is the speaker in stanza one? Does the speaker change from stanza to stanza? Explain your answer.

Answer: Yes, the speaker changes from one stanza to the other because the poem shows us what a cave means to different people.

Question 3: According to the speaker, the dragon died in the cave ‘gloating’ about his gold. What words does the poet use to convey that the dragon is dead?

Answer: The speaker of the poem says that the dragon eventually turned into a stone which helps the readers to guess that it died.

Question 4: Who is Night hiding from? Why?

Answer: Night is hiding inside the cave from his enemy, Day.

Question 5: Was the caveman happy to live in the caves? What words does he use to convey his feelings?

Answer: The caveman felt happy, and content to sleep inside the cave. He says that his former house was ‘good’ and comfortable to ‘sleep sound in the earth’s arms’.

Question 6: How does the poet convey to the reader caves are dark places?

Answer: The Night says that he watches the sunbeams trying to enter through the cracks of the cave, but it cannot pierce the darkness nor enter the caves. This suggests to us that the cave is a dark place.

Question 7: What does the poet talking about in the poem?

Answer: In the poem, the poet is talking about how the opinion about caves varies across different inhabitants of the cave.

Question 8: Who considers the cave as a ‘strongroom’ and why?

Answer: The dragon considers the cave as a ‘strongroom’ because he thinks that the cave is safe enough for hiding all his gold and valuables.

Question 9: How did the caveman feel inside the cave?

Answer: The caveman was happy and felt safe inside the cave. He could enjoy a good night sleep by protecting himself from wild animals in the forest. The warmth of the fire helped him to relax peacefully inside the cave at night.

Question 10: According to the poem, what kind of relation is maintained between the Day and Night?

Answer: The poet explained that the Day and Night behave like an enemy to each other. Night signifies darkness but Day represents light so, they contradict each other. Night keeps away from Day by hiding himself inside the darkest corners of the cave.

Question 11: Mention the names of different inhabitants who have been residing in the cave from time to time.

Answer: The inhabitants residing in the cave were – a Dragon, a cave man, Night, Water and a bat.

So, these were the Questions & Answer.

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