Veena’s New Idea Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Veena’s New Idea Questions & Answers.

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Veena’s New Idea Questions & Answers

Question 1: What happened when Aunt Malu agreed to try out Veena’s Adopt-a-Pet idea?

Answer: Although Veena’s Adopt-a-pet idea was a wonderful idea but it left Aunt Malu more confused than ever. The adopted pets, the mynah and the mongoose landed her in trouble. The mynah would not allow her to sit since it imitated the sounds of a telephone ringing, the doorbell buzzing and the pressure cooker whistling and so, Aunt Malu kept rushing from kitchen to front door to telephone. On the other hand, the mongoose wouldn’t stop stealing food from her neighbour’s kitchen.

Question 2: List a few actions Veena does when she sits on Aunt Malu’s table.

Answer: When Veena sits on Aunt Malu’s table, she used to either swing her legs or fiddled with something on the table. Sometimes, she even used to mix the seeds that Aunt Malu had sorted all by herself. Sometimes, she would just spill jasmine oil on the table.

Question 3: What was the true story behind the failure of Aunt Malu’s herbal laundry starch?

Answer: The true story behind the failure of Aunt Malu’s herbal laundry starch was that the laundry starch made the clothes so stiff that they could almost stand up on their own like a tent without pegs.

Question 4: Were Aunt Malu’s herbal medicines for Malu Herbal Cures successful? How do we Know?

Answer: Yes, they were successful because sometimes the people queued up before her house to collect the products.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “I’ve already tried making herbal products that everyone can use.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Aunt Malu said these words to Veena.

(b) Do you like Veena’s idea that Aunt Malu should make products for everybody and for every day? Why?

Answer: Yes, I think Veena’s idea of making products for everybody for regular use may work well. This is because these products are more frequently bought than others and it will push up the sales and would help Aunt Malu to grow rich.

2. “I’m not sure I should try any more of your ideas.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom?

Answer: Aunt Malu said these words to Veena.

(b) Why did the speaker say so?

Answer: Aunt Malu said so because she was confused whether she should try any more ideas given by Veena or not. This is because she ended up spending ten day in bed and faced a lot of trouble when followed one of the ideas suggested by Veena.

Question 6: What was the gift that Aunt Malu made for her brother? What were the effects of giving that gift?

Answer: Aunt Maku made a pair of grass-cutting roller skates as a gift for her brother, Mr Seshadri.

The gift was a total failure. Mr Seshadri found it impossible to skate on the grass. He tripped and fell so many times that he was soon covered with cuts. He stopped trying to skate when he hit his forehead and was left with a bump, which became the colour and size of one of his prize-winning brinjals. However, Veena could manage to skate over the grass but instead of cutting the grass, the skates pulled out huge bunches of it and left big bald patches on the lawn which displeased Mr Seshadri.

Question 7: Which two products does Veena say ‘were ahead of their time’? Why does she say so?

Answer: Veena talks about laundry starch and voice improving pills.

She says so because according to her, these products were not in use at that time.

Question 8: Name a few of Aunt Malu’s popular medicines.

Answer: Aunt Malu’s popular medicines are –

  • Instant wart remover
  • Birthmark fading lotion
  • Overnight nail growing cream
  • Hair colouring oil
  • Inhaler that stopped people from snoring
  • Sweet smelling sachet to stop nightmares.

Question 9: What was veena’s idea about Aunt Malu?

Answer: As per Veena, Aunt Malu was a wizard with herbs and flowers. Veena thought that Aunt Malu could make more money by making products for ordinary use such as soap or face cream. She never wanted Aunt Malu to make products to be used by sick people only.

So, these were Veena’s New Idea Questions & Answers.

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