Yeti Questions & Answers

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Yeti Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who was Lhakpa? What did she do each day?

Answer: Lhakpa was a teenager who lived in a Nepalese village. She climbed the pathway up the mountain to graze a herd of yaks.

Question 2: What did Lhakpa hear suddenly?

Answer: Lhakpa heard a strange deep grunt of two-legged creature – Yeti.

Question 3: What did Lhakpa do when she saw that the yaks were restless?

Answer: When Lhakpa noticed that the yaks seemed restless, she thought that a bear or a snow leopard might be nearby. She led the yaks to a clear, snow-fed stream.

Question 4: What had the Yeti done to Lhakpa?

Answer: The Yeti grabbed Lhakpa in its long hairy arms and dropped her into the icy stream.

Question 5: Why do the mountaineers get drawn towards the Himalayan mountains?

Answer: The mountaineers get drawn by the challenge of exploring the world’s highest mountain range.

Question 6: How did the mountaineer Eric Shipton and his party assure that footprints were of an incredibly heavy creature?

Answer: The footprints were surely of an incredibly heavy creature because they were twice as wide as of a human footprint and had sunk much deeper into the snow.

Question 7: What did the police find?

Answer: The police found yeti’s large footprints, but not the yeti.

Question 8: Name the various mountaineers who had told the tales related to Yeti?


  • Mountaineer Eric Shipton and his party.
  • Don Whillans
  • Julian Freeman-Atwood

Question 9: Why did the scientists decide that the footprints didn’t belong to any animal known to them?

Answer: Scientists studied photos and plaster casts of yeti’s footprints and then compared them with other animals’ footprints. Their studies made them feel certain that the yeti’s prints could not have been made by a bear, an ape, an antelope or any other animal familiar to them as they did not match with those of any known animal’s footprints.

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