Tansen – The Musical Genius Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tansen – The Musical Genius Questions & Answers.

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Tansen – The Musical Genius Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Tansen was the son of

(a) Mukund Mishra
(b) King Ramchandra
(c) Guru Haridas  

2. Tansen was first educated in music by

(a) Haridas in Gwalior
(b) Mohd. Ghaus in Brindaban
(c) Mohd. Ghaus in Gwalior

3. Tansen first started singing in the court of

(a) King of Rewa
(b) Ruler of Gwalior
(c) Emperor Akbar

4. Tansen became one of the ‘navratnas’ in the court of

(a) King Akbar
(b) King of Gwalior
(c) King of Rewa  

5. Tansen was loved like a son by

(a) Mohd. Ghaus
(b) Emperor Akbar
(c) Guru Haridas

Question 2: Fill in the blanks.

1. A child was born and named, Tansen.
2. Haridas offered to take Tansen as his disciple.
3. King Ramchandra admired Tansen’s singing.
4. One evening, Emperor Akbar decided to honour Tansen.
5. The Emperor was filled with great sorrow.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Tansen was born and brought up in a musician’s house – False
2. Tansen received his initial training of music in Gwalior – False
3. King Ramachandra appointed Tansen as the musician of the Rewa court – True
4. Akbar didn’t like Tansen so he ordered him to leave his kingdom – False
5. Tansen was not only a musician but also a poet and composed many songs/ragas – True

Question 4: What is the story behind Tansen’s birth?

Answer: About four hundred years ago, there lived a wealthy poet Mukund Mishra and his wife in a village near Gwalior. They had no child. On the suggestion of a friend, Mishra went to Gwalior to seek the blessings of the famous saint and musician Mohammad Ghaus. He tied a holy thread on Mishra’s arm saying “May God bless you with a son”. Soon, the couple was blessed with a son called Tansen.

Question 5: How was Tansen’s musical genius discovered and by whom?

Answer: As a child, Tansen enjoyed imitating birds and animal sounds. Once he frightened a group of singers passing through the forest by roaring like a tiger. The leader of the group was the famous music teacher, Haridas. Impressed by his performance, Haridas offered to take Tansen as his disciple.

Question 6: How and when did Tansen meet his wife? Describe the incident of their marriage.

Answer: Tansen made good friend with the ruler of Gwalior and would often visit the royal palace. Tansen met Husani, a woman attendant to the ruler during his visits to the palace. Husani was truly beautiful. Tansen fell in love with her and married her.

Question 7: How did Emperor Akbar come to know about Tansen and what did he do about it?

Answer: One day Emperor Akbar visited Rewa. King Ramchandra arranged for Tansen to entertain the royal guest. The Emperor was greatly impressed by Tansen’s music and, soon after his return, sent a message to Ramchandra requesting him to send Tansen to his court.

Question 8: How did Emperor Akbar show his love and appreciation towards Tansen?

Answer: Akbar was so impressed by Tansen’s music that he bestowed on him the highest honour of the land. Tansen was included among his navratnas, nine jewels, the nine most outstanding talents of the royal court.

Question 9: What would/could Emperor Akbar had missed if Tansen was not a part of his court?

Answer: If Tansen would not have been a part of Akbar’s court, then his navratnas would have been an incomplete group. Tansen was a magical musician and often used to sing alone for the Emperor. At night, he used to sing ragas that would soothe and help Akbar fall asleep, and in the morning, Tansen sung special ragas that would gently awaken the Emperor. Tansen also taught music to Akbar. It is impossible to think of Emperor Akbar without the music genius Tansen.

So, these were Tansen – The Musical Genius Questions & Answers.

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