I am Malala Questions & Answers

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I am Malala Questions & Answers

Question 1: On which street was Malala’s school located?

Answer: Malala’s school was located on a muddy lane of Hazi Baba Road. The street to Malala’s house could not be reached by car, so while coming home, Malala would get off bus below by the street. She would go through the barred iron gate and up a flight of steps.

Question 2: What was the name of the school? Who had found it?

Answer: The name of the school was ‘Kushal School’. The school was founded by Malala’s father.

Question 3: Describe Malala’s room in your own words.

Answer: Malala’s room was a long one at the front of the house and the only furniture there was a bed and a cabinet. On the shelf of the cabinet, were gold coloured plastic cups and trophies that Malala had won for coming first in the class.

Question 4: What was Malala’s usual routine of waking up?

Answer: Malala’s father would try to wake her up but she would request him to allow her to sleep for a few more minutes and burrow deeper under her quilt. When her mother called her, she would realize the time of the day and hurry to school.

Question 5: Why had Malala started taking the school bus?

Answer: As Malala’s family had been getting threats all around the year, her mother was scared of her walking on her own. This made Malala take the school bus.

Question 6: In your own words describe what Malala’s school comprised.

Answer: Malala went to school for six days a week. She was in the ninth grade. As soon as she reached school, she would put her backpack in the class and go for the morning assembly. She would learn chemical equations, study Urdu grammar and would also write stories with morals in English and draw diagrams of blood circulation.

I am Malala Questions & Answers

Question 7: Describe the bus in which Malala travelled to school.

Answer: The bus was what they called ‘Dyna’. It was a white Toyota Town Ace truck with three parallel benches. It had no windows at the back but a thick plastic sheet at the sides which flapped and was too yellowed and dusty to see through.

Question 8: Who had stopped the bus? What reason had they given for stopping it?

Answer: A young bearded man in light-coloured clothes had stopped the bus. He was one of the Taliban militants and asked if it was the Kushal School bus and inquired about Malala.

Question 9: Describe the event that unfolded when the young man who looked like a college student, got on the bus.

Answer: The young man, who looked like a college student, got on the bus and inquired about Malala. No one replied but everyone looked at her. She was the only girl with her face uncovered. Getting a hint of who Malala was, the man fired three shots, one after another from a black Colt. 45 pistol. The first bullet went through Malala’s left eye socket and came out from under her left shoulder. She fell heavily on Moniba. The second bullet went into the upper right arm of Kainat Riaz.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

“It wasn’t the best of days………..though as a bookish girl I didn’t mind them as much as some of my classmates”.

(a) Who is referred to as the’ bookish girl’? Why did she receive the noble prize?

Answer: Malala Yousafzai was co-awardee of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for her struggle against the suppression of children and for the right of all children to education.

(b) Where are Malala and her family from?

Answer: Malala and her family were from Swat Valley in the Khuber Pakhtunwa province in North West Pakistan.

(c) Who was Malala’s father?

Answer: Malala’s father was the founder of Khushal school.

(d) Why was the entrance magical for the girls?

Answer: The doorway was magical for the girls because they could cast off their head scarves and they would enter in a special world.

(e) Why was it difficult for girls in their society to be anything other than teachers or doctors?

Answer: As their society was conservative and girls were hardly allowed to work. So, if at all they had to choose a profession then it would be teacher or doctor.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

“I’ve been a day dreamer”.

(a) What similar qualities did Malala and her father possess?

Answer: Both of them were day dreamer.

(b) What thought crept in her mind while coming back from school?

Answer: If anyone would attack her, shoot her then she would take off her shoes and hit him or it would be better to plead.

(c) Describe the bus in which Malala goes to school.

Answer: They call it dyan, a white Toyota Town Ace truck with three parallel benches, one along either side and one is the middle.

Question 12: What did Malala initially want to become and later what did she want to be?

Answer: Initially, Malala wanted to become a doctor but later she wanted to become an inventor or politician.

Question 13: What does the “Malala Fund” support for?

Answer: The Malala Fund helps girls throughout the world to get their basic education.

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