What Makes The Lightning Questions & Answers

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What Makes The Lightning Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What did animals do in the early days of the world?

(a) they fraternised with mankind
(b) they spoke the language of humans
(c) they copied the manners and customs of humans
(d) all of these

2. At what interval did mankind hold a great festival?

(a) every thirteen moons
(b) every fourteen moons
(c) every fifteen moons
(d) every sixteen moons

3. What did the more enterprising animals demand for?

(a) They asked for better work-life balance.
(b) They asked for better food to be served at festivals.
(c) They asked for a similar festival for animals.
(d) They asked for bigger roles in the animal council.

4. Which weapon was U Kui, the lynx, carrying?

(a) a knife
(b) a sword
(c) a spear
(d) an axe

Question 2: What did mankind do every thirteen moons?

Answer: Mankind held a great festival every thirteen moons where the strongest men and the handsomest youths danced “sword dances” and contested in archery and other noble games.

Question 3: Why did the animals decide to hold a great feast?

Answer: The animals decided to hold a great feast because they wanted to have a carnival similar to the one held by mankind and enjoy their own games and dances.

Question 4: Who was U Pyrthat? What was he sent out to do?

Answer: U Pyrthat was the thunder giant who was sent out with his big drum to summon all the animals to the festival.

Question 5: Describe some of the animals who came for the festival?

Answer: Some of the animals who came for the festival were the squirrel, carrying a little drum, the bird Shakyllia playing a flute, and the porcupine marching with small cymbals. They were all smartly arrayed according to their own taste and fashion.

Question 6: Describe U Kui’s dance? What did it lead to?

Answer: U Kui, the lynx, displayed a very handsome silver sword and danced gracefully. However, he became arrogant and thought himself better than others due to the applause he received.

Question 7: What did U Pyrthat do when he got U Kui’s silver sword?

Answer: U Pyrthat, impressed by U Kui’s dance and the silver sword, asked to have the handling of it for a short time. When he got possession of the sword, he wielded it with great force and beat on his big drum violently, causing terror among the animals. He then leaped to the sky, taking the stolen silver sword with him.

What Makes The Lightning Questions & Answers

Question 8: What is known as ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ in many countries?

Answer: The manifestations known as ‘thunder’ and ‘lightning’ in many countries are actually the stolen silver sword of the lynx being brandished wildly by U Pyrthat, the thunder giant, in the sky.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘The drum of U Pyrthat was the biggest and the loudest of all drums and could be heard from the most remote corner of the forest.’

(a) Who is U Pyrthat?

Answer: U Pyrthat is the thunder giant mentioned in the text.

(b) Why is U Pyrthat’s drum being referred to here?

Answer: U Pyrthat’s drum is being referred to here because it is described as the biggest and the loudest of all drums, which can be heard from the most remote corner of the forest.

(c) What happens after this?

Answer: After U Pyrthat begins to wield the silver sword and beat on his drum with great force, causing the earth to shake and tremble, the animals flee in terror to hide in the jungle.

2. ‘This was not at all U Kui’s liking, for he did not want anyone but himself to handle his fine weapon. But all the animals began to shout as if with one voice, saying ‘Shame!’

(a) What was not to U Kui’s liking?

Answer: U Kui did not like the fact that someone else wanted to handle his fine weapon, the silver sword.

(b) Who was asking for U Kui’s weapon? Why?

Answer: U Pyrthat was asking for U Kui’s weapon as he wanted to dance a little at the festival and did not have any instrument except his big drum.

(c) What happened as a result of shouting?

Answer: As a result of the animals shouting and saying “Shame!” to U Kui for not allowing U Pyrthat to borrow his weapon, U Kui is compelled to yield up his silver sword.

Question 10: Why do you think the animals wanted a festival of their own? What could be the possible reason?

Answer: The possible reason for the animals wanting a festival of their own could be that they enjoyed watching the festivals held by mankind and wanted to emulate their manners and customs. They wanted to have their own celebration and showcase their own skills and talents.

Question 11: U Pyrthat seems to be sensible person. Would you agree with this statement? Why/ Why not?

Answer: It is not explicitly mentioned in the text whether U Pyrthat is a sensible person or not. However, he is depicted as a thunder giant who wields great power and causes fear among the animals when he starts wielding the silver sword and beating on his drum violently.

Question 12: Write a few lines about U Kui. Do you think he is wasting his time trying to raise a mound that he hopes will reach the sky one day?

Answer: U Kui is a lynx who displays a handsome silver sword at the festival. He becomes arrogant and thinks highly of himself due to the applause he receives for his dance. He is disconsolate when U Pyrthat takes his silver sword and has since never grown reconciled to his loss. He is depicted as someone who is determined to reclaim his sword and is trying to raise a mound to reach the sky. Whether it is a waste of time or not is subjective and open to interpretation.

Question 13: What did you learn from this folk tale?

Answer: From this folk tale, we can learn about the importance of humility and not becoming arrogant or self-centered. It also teaches us about the consequences of not showing respect and kindness to others, as U Kui’s refusal to lend his weapon to U Pyrthat leads to the loss of his silver sword. Additionally, the tale emphasizes the power and force of nature, as U Pyrthat’s thunder and lightning are attributed to him wielding the stolen sword in the sky.

So, these were What Makes The Lightning Questions & Answers.

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