Uncle Giles’ Paintbrush Questions & Answers

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Uncle Giles’ Paintbrush Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. What kind of a day was it?

(a) wintry
(b) sunny
(c) rainy
(d) lazy

2. What was Rufus Strong doing?

(a) He was sitting near the fireplace.
(b) He was drumming on a windowpane.
(c) He was talking to Aunt Martha.
(d) He was playing with his sisters.

3. What was Uncle Giles sharpening?

(a) a scythe
(b) a knife
(c) an axe
(d) a shaving blade

4. What had neighbour Jones borrowed from Uncle Giles?

(a) his wheelbarrow
(b) his watering can
(c) a tin of paint
(d) a paintbrush

Question 2: Why was Rufus listlessly drumming on windowpane?

Answer: Rufus was listlessly drumming on windowpane because it was raining heavily outside and he was tired of reading, building toy houses for his sisters and watching her mother and Aunt Martha Bates sew.

Question 3: What was Uncle Giles doing in the barn? What did he ask Rufus to do?

Answer: Uncle Giles was getting his tools in order and sharpening the scythe in the barn. He asked Rufus to turn the grind-stone.

Question 4: What had Rufus promised to do for Aunt Martha?

Answer: Rufus had promised Aunt Martha that he would paint boxes for her to pot flowers in them.

Question 5: Why was Mr Bates irritated by the slovenly ways of his neighbour?

Answer: Mr Bates was irritated by the slovenly ways of his neighbour because he himself was used to keep his things in a proper manner and in good condition but his neighbour always borrowed things from him and never returned them on time or returned them in a very untidy condition.

Question 6: According to Uncle Giles, how was Rufus getting his tools ready to be a minister?

Answer: According to Uncle Giles, Rufus was getting his tools ready to be a minister by studying Latin, history, and other subjects in school. He was also getting his tools ready by reading the Bible, studying his Sunday-school lesson, and listening to the preaching of his minister. Uncle Giles compared these activities to preparing and sharpening tools in order to emphasize the importance of acquiring knowledge and understanding as essential tools for the future ministry work that Rufus aspired to undertake.

Uncle Giles’ Paintbrush Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why does Uncle Giles quote the example of another young man he knew?

Answer: Uncle Giles quotes the example of another young man he knew to illustrate the importance of preparation and taking advantage of opportunities in advance. He wants Rufus to understand the potential consequences of not being adequately prepared for the work and challenges that lie ahead. By sharing the story of the young man who struggled in his studies due to a lack of previous training and preparation.
Giles hopes to impress upon Rufus the significance of utilizing his current opportunities, such as studying diligently and retaining knowledge, so that he will be well-equipped for his future aspirations. The example serves as a cautionary tale and motivates Rufus to make the most of his privileges and educational opportunities while he still has the chance.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Mrs. Strong, who had found the music on a windowpane rather monotonous, quickly responded in favour of the plan.

(a) What is being referred to as ‘the music on the windowpane’?

Answer: ‘The music on the windowpane’ refers to the sound or rhythm created by Rufus listlessly drumming on the pane.

(b) What was ‘the plan’?

Answer: ‘The plan’ refers to Rufus going to the barn to find Uncle Giles.

(c) Who made the plan?

Answer: Rufus made the plan.

(d) Why was the plan made?

Answer: Rufus made the plan to break away from his boredom and engage in a productive activity.

2. ‘I think, I begin to realise,’ said Rufus, ‘that your plan of having tools ready is a good one.’ ‘Yes, it’s good, no matter what sort of work you’re going to do. I believe you wish to be a minister one of these days, don’t you, Rufus?’

(a) Whose plan was it to have the tools ready?

Answer: Uncle Giles had the plan to have tools ready, as he suggested to Rufus that it would be a good time to paint the boxes for Aunt Martha’s flowers and mentioned the importance of preparing tools beforehand.

(b) Why was the plan a good one?

Answer: The plan was considered a good one by Rufus because it allowed for efficiency and saved time when work needed to be done.

(c) Which tool was Rufus working on?

Answer: Rufus was working on the paintbrush, which he had to clean because it had been borrowed by their neighbour and returned uncleaned.

(d) What was its condition when he first saw it?

Answer: The brush was soaked in red paint when Rufus first saw it.

(e) Why was Rufus getting his tools ready?

Answer: Rufus was getting his tools ready as a metaphorical lesson in preparing for his future ambition of becoming a minister. By learning and retaining knowledge from various sources such as school, reading the Bible, studying Sunday-school lessons and listening to sermons, Rufus was equipping himself with the necessary ‘tools’ to pursue his goal.

Question 9: What did Rufus learn from Uncle Giles? How did he come to appreciate it?

Answer: Rufus learned from Uncle Giles the importance of being prepared and having tools ready for the tasks and goals one wants to achieve. He learned this through his experience of cleaning the paintbrush and also through Uncle Giles’ analogy of tools being ready for use in different areas, such as studying for school, reading the Bible, and attending church services. Rufus came to appreciate this lesson as he realized that being prepared in advance saves time, makes tasks easier and increases efficiency.

Question 10: Do you think Uncle Giles was trying to teach Rufus something important through his paintbrush?

Answer: Yes, Uncle Giles was trying to teach Rufus something important through the paintbrush. By using the paintbrush as a metaphor, Uncle Giles conveyed the idea of being prepared beforehand, just as one prepares tools for use. The process of cleaning the paintbrush symbolizes the necessity of taking the time and effort to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to be successful, particularly Rufus’ ambition of becoming a minister.

Question 11: What is the meaning of the word ‘tools’ in the context of this story?

Answer: In the context of this story, the word ‘tools’ refers metaphorically to the skills, knowledge, and understanding needed to undertake specific tasks or achieve goals. Uncle Giles uses the idea of tools to emphasize the importance of being prepared and having the necessary tools ready for the work one wishes to accomplish, whether it be physical tasks like sharpening a scythe or intellectual pursuits like studying for a future vocation.

So, these were Uncle Giles’ Paintbrush Questions & Answers.

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