The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk Questions & Answers

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The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk Questions & Answers

Question 1: Where did Aunt Ruby get the parakeet from?

Answer: Aunt Ruby brought the parrot from a bird catcher who visited all the houses on their road.

Question 2: Where was the parakeet’s cage kept?

Answer: The parakeet’s cage was kept at one end of a long veranda of Granny’s bungalow in North India.

Question 3: How do parrots and parakeets learn to talk?

Answer: The parrots and parakeets learn words and phrases after some members of the family repeat them many times in front of these birds. They would say words like study child, study.

Question 4: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘You’re no beauty! Can’t talk, can’t sing, can’t dance!’

(a) Who is saying these words and to whom?

Answer: Aunt Ruby is saying these words to her pet parakeet.

(b) Which word is being repeated here? Why?

Answer: The word ‘Can’t’ is being repeated to emphasize what is being said.

Question 5: Why did aunt Ruby stop liking the parrot?

Answer: One day, the parrot lunged forward and pushed aunt Ruby’s spectacles off her nose. After that she did not like the parrot any more.

The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk Questions & Answers

Question 6: How did aunt Ruby treat the parrot?

Answer: She treated the parrot very unkindly. She said that it was useless because it couldn’t talk, sing or dance.

Question 7: Why do you think neither Granny nor Grandfather were keen on keeping caged birds as pets?

Answer: According to me, they were not keen on keeping the caged birds as pets because they feel that by doing this they would be depriving the birds of their freedom.

Question 8: Why did the parrot back away from Aunt Ruby?

Answer: The parrot backed away from Aunt Ruby because it did not want to be kissed by her.

Question 9: Why did Aunt Ruby’s nephew feed the parrot?

Answer: He fed the parrot because Aunt Ruby had become hostile towards her pet and someone had to feed it. Moreover, it gave him an opportunity to eat mango on the pretext that he was feeding the bird.

Question 10: Why didn’t Aunt Ruby want the goldfish?

Answer: Aunt Ruby didn’t want the goldfish because it couldn’t talk.

The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk Questions & Answers

Question 11: What all did Aunt Ruby’s nephew give the parrot to eat?

Answer: Aunt Ruby’s nephew gave the parrot green chillies, ripe tomatoes and sometimes, slices of mango.

Question 12: How did the parrot escape from the cage?

Answer: One afternoon, when everyone was resting, Aunt Ruby’s nephew purposely left the cage door open. Soon, the parakeet flew away.

Question 13: What made aunt Ruby turn ‘ruby-red’?

Answer: The parrot looked angrily at aunt Ruby and shrieked. The parrot repeated the unkind words back to her. These words made aunt Ruby turn ruby-red.

Question 14: Why did Aunt Ruby run inside when she heard the parrot talking?

Answer: As soon as the parrot saw Aunt Ruby, it screeched, “You’re no beauty! Can’t talk, can’t sing, can’t dance!” She was embarrassed and turned red when she heard these words. Therefore, she ran inside.

Question 15: Write the synonyms of the following words:

(a) Unkind – cruel, harsh

(b) Shrieked – screamed

Question 16: Correct the statements:

(a) The pigeon became a useless visitor.

Answer: The parrot became a regular visitor.

(b) Aunt Ruby and Grandfather did not want a free bird as a pet.

Answer: Grandmother and Grandfather did not want a caged bird as a pet.

So, these were The Parrot Who Wouldn’t Talk Questions & Answers.

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