The Wisdom in Carrots Questions & Answers

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The Wisdom in Carrots Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the full name of Hodja?

Answer: The full name of Hodja was Nasruddin Hodja.

Question 2: Which country had Hodja visited?

Answer: Hodja had visited India.

Question 3: What did Hodja forget to take home?

Answer: Hodja forgot to take carrots home.

Question 4: How was Hodja greeted at the king’s court?

Answer: Hodja was greeted with the garlands and loud cheers at the king’s court.

Question 5: Why did Hodja’s mother give him a paper with ‘carrots’ written on it?

Answer: Hodja’s mother gave him a paper with ‘carrots’ written on it because Hodja was quite forgetful and she wanted him to remember that he had to buy some carrots on the way home.

The Wisdom in Carrots Questions & Answers

Question 6: How do carrots help Hodja teach the court about true wisdom?

Answer: With the example of carrots, Hodja successfully explained the king and the courtiers about the true wisdom. He explained to the king that if carrots are left in the ground for too long, they will be destroyed. Similarly if we do not seek wisdom at the right time, it will go to waste.

Question 7: What did the king learn from Hodja’s explanation of carrots?

Answer: The king learned from Hodja’s explanation of carrots that wisdom cannot be found. It has to be earned through constant learning.

Question 8: Write the synonyms of the following words:

(a) Invisible – unseen / concealed
(b) Imprison – confine / jail / detain

Question 9: Write the antonyms of the following words:

(a) Insult – compliment
(b) Wisdom – folly

Question 10: Correct the following statements:

(a) True wisdom can be bought only through constant doing.
Answer: True wisdom can be earned only through constant learning.

(b) According to king, finding true treasure is easy.
Answer: According to Hodja, finding true wisdom is easy.

So, these were The Wisdom in Carrots Questions & Answers.

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