The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

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The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers


Written by William Cowper, the poem is about a nightingale and a clever glow worm. The nightingale sings all day long and beautifies its surroundings with its melodious voice. At night, as he feels hungry after singing, hunts down the glow-worm as his meal. The glow-worm starts to compliment and praise the songbird as he is a quick thinker. The glow-worm mentions that as the nightingale brightens and makes the day cheerful while the glow-worm decorates the night with its light. He says that they both are the creatures of God and they both have their purposes and hence should live in harmony with each other. With his eloquent and smart oration, the glow worm convinced the Nightingale to spare his life.

Word Galaxy

  • Note – song
  • Eventide – evening
  • Suspended – stopped
  • Harangued – spoke to someone in a very persuasive way
  • Crop – a pouch located in a bird’s throat to store food
  • Hawthorn – a small tree with thorns
  • Quoth – said
  • Eloquent – fluent: expressive
  • Abhor – dislike
  • Warbling – singing
  • Oration – speech
  • Approbation – agreement or approval

The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

(a) The Nightingale was singing all day long.
(b) He bought happiness to the village.
(c) He was perched on a hawthorn top.
(d) He was going to eat the glow worm.

Question 2: What did the nightingale do throughout the day?

Answer: The nightingale sang throughout the day.

Question 3: How did the Nightingale see the glow-worm?

Answer: The nightingale was eagerly looking for some food and when he searched the ground, he saw there was something shining in the dark. From his spark, the nightingale came to know about the glow worm.

Question 4: What did the nightingale want to do with the worm?

Answer: The nightingale had sung throughout the day and had entertained the villagers with his song. He continued to sing till evening but when the night fell, he began to feel the pangs of hunger. He looked around to find something to eat and noticed a glow-worm on the ground. He wanted to make the worm his meal in order to satiate his hunger.

Question 5: Why did the nightingale stop singing in the evening?

Answer: The nightingale felt very hungry in the evening. So, it stopped singing.

Question 6: A nightingale beautifies and cheers the night. How does it do that?

Answer: A nightingale beautifies and cheers the night with his sweet song.

Question 7: How does a glow worm beautify and cheer the night?

Answer: A glow worm beautifies and cheers the night with his light.

The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

Question 8: What did the glow-worm tell the nightingale about their God-given gifts?

Answer: The glow-worm told the nightingale that just as he had been bestowed with the gift of music, to entertain and give- pleasure to everyone around him. In the same manner, the glowworm had been given the gift of light to diminish the darkness and beautify and brighten up the night.

Question 9: Did the nightingale consume the glow-worm? Why?

Answer: The nightingale did not consume the glow-worm because he was impressed by the glow worm’s speech. The glow-worm persuaded the nightingale by saying that the same divine power has given them special gifts of singing and shining so they should not harm each-other as they are equal in the eyes of God.

Question 10: What argument did the glow-worm give to the nightingale for sparing his life?

Answer: The glow-worm tried to convince the nightingale to spare his life by telling him that they both were sent by God for a purpose. The nightingale had been sent on the earth to entertain everyone with his melodious voice and the glow-worm was sent to shine and dispel the darkness. The nightingale should not spoil God’s creation by causing any harm to the glowworm just as the glow-worm would abhor spoiling the nightingale’s song.

Question 11: How did the nightingale satisfy his hunger?

Answer: The nightingale released the glow worm and found his supper somewhere else as he was convinced by the glow worm’s speech to spare his life.

Question 12: How did the nightingale react to the glow-worm’s speech?

Answer: The nightingale was quite influenced and impressed by the glow-worm’s eloquent oration (speech). He appreciated the argument presented by the glow-worm and flew away to find food somewhere else.

Question 13: What is the central idea of the poem?

Answer: The poem is based on the idea – Live and let live. Everyone is blessed with some talent and he should be free to make the world beautiful. Let no one be harmed.

The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

Question 14: What quality of the nightingale’s character is evident in the last line of the poem?

Answer: The nightingale was impressed by the glow-worm’s persuasive speech which shows that the nightingale was noble, understanding and reasonable. He understood the fact that every created being has a unique place in God’s creation and enriched life in its own way. So, it was necessary to live in harmony with one another.

Question 15: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: The glowworm said these words to the nightingale.

(b) What ‘lamp’ is the speaker referring to?

Answer: The speaker is referring to the glowing lamp that the worm carries.

(c) What is the speaker’s state of mind here?

Answer: The speaker’s state of mind here is to request the nightingale to leave it free so that it can shine and spread light in the dark.

(d) What is the speaker trying to do?

Answer: The speaker was trying to win the nightingale’s heart by appreciating its beautiful voice.

Question 16: Read the lines and answer the questions:

The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers

(a) Who is the songster?

Answer: Nightingale is the songster.

(b) Whose oration did he hear?

Answer: He heard the oration of the glow worm.

(c) Why was he impressed with the speech?

Answer: He was impressed with the speech because the glow-worm told him the importance of valuing each creature for its unique personality and traits.

(d) How did the songster show his appreciation?

Answer: The songster showed his appreciation by listening to the worm with pride and dedication.

Question 17: Read the lines and answer the questions:


(a) Who said these words to whom?

Answer: The glowworm said these words to the nightingale.

(b) Which power is being referred to here?

Answer: The power that is being referred to here is of the Almighty God who had created both the creatures.

(c) What is the speaker’s intent?

Answer: The speaker was intended to save himself from being the food of the nightingale.

(d) In these lines, what skill does the speaker exhibit?

Answer: These lines show that the speaker was clever, good orator and witty. He presented his arguments about the creations of God before the nightingale.

So, these were The Nightingale and The Glow Worm Questions & Answers.

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