The Way Through The Woods Questions & Answers

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The Way Through The Woods Questions & Answers


Written by Rudyard Kipling, the poem begins with the mention of a road through the woods which was closed seventy years ago. The road was left undisturbed. For so many years, the road has disappeared beneath the bushes and scrub of different kinds of plants. The road is occupied by many creatures like ring-dove, otters and badgers. Also, pool is filled with trouts. One could hear the trampling of a horse’s hoof and the swish of skirts moving amongst dew covered grass. Perhaps, they are ghosts and knew where the road lay, even when a living person wouldn’t be able to distinguish it because it is no longer the road that was there seventy years back.

Word Galaxy

  • Undone – destroyed
  • Heath – open uncultivated land, usually covered with grass
  • Badgers – carnivorous animals that can burrow into the ground
  • Coppice – grove; growth of small trees
  • Trout – a type of fish
  • Anemones – plants with white, purple or red flowers
  • Cantering – riding at a fairly fast pace
  • Broods – sits upon eggs to hatch them
  • Solitudes – a lonely place

The Way Through The Woods Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who can see where the old road ran?

Answer: The keeper and the ghosts know where the old road ran.

Question 2: Why would anyone never know of the road?

Answer: Anyone would never know of the road because the road has now turned into a dense forest.

Question 3: What is the road in the woods covered with now?

Answer: The road in the woods is covered with big trees, coppice, heath and thin anemones now.

Question 4: Why is the otter not afraid of men?

Answer: The otter is not afraid of humans because they hardly see any.

Question 5: Which animals are present in the woods?

Answer: Animals and birds like doves, trouts, otters, horses are present in the woods.

Question 6: Who do you think the rider is?

Answer: The rider is a girl.

Question 7: Which lines tell you that the woods are full of life?

Answer: The lines that tell the woods are full of life are ‘where the ring-dove broods’ ‘and the badgers roll at ease’, ‘trout-ringed pools’, ‘where the otter whistles’.

The Way Through The Woods Questions & Answers

Question 8: Which words tell you –

(a) That it is not a clear night?

Answer: misty solitudes

(b) That a woman is walking through the woods?

Answer: swish of a skirt

(c) What lives in the pools?

Answer: trout-ringed pools

Question 9: How would you describe the woods in your own words?

Answer: In the woods, trees have been planted and grown up around the path. The then road is covered with coppice, heath and anemones. This is an area of uncultivated land. During evenings, the cold wind blows through the woods. Birds and animals like doves, trouts, otters are found brooding and playing amongst their mates. There is also the presence of a girl cantering on a horse through the misty solitudes of the woods.

Question 10: What happens in the woods during summer evenings?

Answer: On entering the woods during summer evenings, you feel a cool night air around a pool where trouts are making noises. The otters in the pool whistle to his mates. A beat of horse’s feet is heard. The horse is cantered by a girl who rides the horse through the misty solitude of the forest.

Question 11: Do you think the narrator is happy or sad about the road through the woods having disappeared? Give reasons.

Answer: When reading the poem, we sense a conflict in poet’s mind. On one level he is mourning the loss of the path. With its disappearance, one no longer has access to the beautiful moments and creatures that exist within the forest. On the other hand, the closure has caused a resurgence in the surrounding life. Trees have been replanted and animals have returned. They no longer remember or fear the ‘men’ that used to travel the path. The poet appreciates this fact but the text still speaks about how he is missing the same road. Therefore, we can say that he is sad about the road being disappeared through the woods.

Question 12: Choose the correct option:

(a) What is the writer talking about in this poem?

i. The woods
ii. The season
iii. A road

(b) Whom is the road hidden from?

i. From the animals
ii. From the people
iii. From the birds

(c) What has undone the road?

i. The people
ii. The animals
iii. The weather

So, these were The Way Through The Woods Questions & Answers.

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