The Remarkable Rocket Questions & Answers

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The Remarkable Rocket Questions & Answers


‘The Remarkable Rocket’ is written by Oscar Wilde. There is a royal wedding with all sorts of entertainment, including fireworks as a grand finale. The princess has never seen fireworks so the king, and the prince are eager for her to see them. These fireworks, though, have the ability to speak and they talk amongst themselves before they are launched by the pyrotechnician. Among the fireworks is a Rocket, who is very proud and ego-centric. He brags about his parents and their achievements. The others call him insensitive and to prove them wrong, the Remarkable Rocket bursts into tears before he is lit and is too damp to catch fire. The servants dispose of him over the castle walls and he lands in a ditch. The Rocket doesn’t realize that he has been discarded and believes that he is being given time to recover his strength before being lit. He still believes that he is superior and he will be magnificent when he is finally let off. Two boys who are collecting wood place him on fire. He explodes in the middle of the day, and no one sees the display. The Remarkable Rocket still believes that he has created a great sensation.

Word Galaxy

  • Pyro-technician – a person responsible for the handling and functioning of fireworks
  • Aurora Borealis – bands of green and red coloured lights that are sometimes seen in the sky at night in the most northern countries of the world
  • Deputation – a small group of people which acts or speaks for others
  • Court Gazette – refers to a newspaper

The Remarkable Rocket Questions & Answers

Question 1: What were the three stages of the wedding ceremony?

Answer: The three stages of the wedding ceremony were a state banquet, a ball and fireworks.

Question 2: Who were the parents of the Remarkable Rocket? What did they do?

Answer: The parents of Remarkable Rocket were Catherine Wheel, who danced very gracefully while his father was Rocket, who was French and flew so high people thought he would never come down again, but he did, in a shower of golden rain that had the newspapers calling it a triumph of pyrotechnic art. His mother spun around nineteen times before she went out, and each time that she did so she threw into the air seven pink stars. She was three feet and half in diameter and made of the very best gunpowder.

Question 3: Describe the Princess. How did she reach the castle?

Answer: The princess was as pale as a white rose and had come all the way from Russia in a sledge pulled by six reindeer.

Question 4: Why did the Remarkable Rocket say that the king’s son was fortunate? Did the little Squib agree with the Rocket?

Answer: The Remarkable Rocket said the King’s son was fortunate to be getting married on the very day that he was to be let off. The Little Squib did not agree with Remarkable Rocket, saying it was quite the other way around.

Question 5: What happened when the fireworks began?

Answer: When the fireworks began Remarkable Rocket continued to cry but the other fireworks were let off one by one to a remarkable display. Everyone was a great success except Remarkable Rocket who was too damp to go off.

Question 6: Was the Remarkable Rocket a success? What happened when he finally took off?

Answer: The Remarkable Rocket was not a success. After he had been thrown into a ditch and found by some little boys, he was placed on top of the fire, they had built, to help it blaze higher. When he finally caught fire and shot up into the sky, there was nobody to see him and even the little boys had lain down and shut their eyes.

So, these were The Remarkable Rocket Questions & Answers.

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