Celebrating Bihu Questions & Answers

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Celebrating Bihu Questions & Answers

Question 1: Before visiting Assam, what did the speaker learn about the state from aunt Ratna?

Answer: Aunt Ratna had once told the speaker that Assam is one of the most beautiful states of India. She had told him that Assam is very rich in agriculture and about the three harvest festivals of Bihu, its most important celebrations.

Question 2: How is the festival celebrated among families?

Answer: The Assamese greet each other, welcome their guests and pay respect to elders in the family by presenting them with new gamosas.

Question 3: How are the two other festivals celebrated?

Answer: In Kongali Bihu farmers light ‘sahi’ earthen lamps in the paddy fields and pray for a good crop; and Bhogali Bihu with feasting and bonfire.

Question 4: How do farmers take are their cattle during Bihu?

Answer: Farmers spend a whole day decorating their cattle. They bathe their cows and bulls with maah-halodhi, a paste of some black gram and a little turmeric. After that they decorate the animals with few garlands.

Question 5: How has the speaker described the Bihu dance?

Answer: The speaker describes Bihu dance as joyous. The speaker loved its brisk steps and hand movements.

Celebrating Bihu Questions & Answers

Question 6: When is Rangoli Bihu celebrated? What is special about this name?

Answer: Rangoli Bihu is celebrated at the start of the sowing of seeds. Rangoli Bihu is the Assamese New Year. It marks the arrival of Spring. It is called Rangoli Bihu because of the happiness it brings to people.

Question 7: Write the synonyms of the following words:

(a) Shy – coy, timid

(b) Decorate – deck up, adorn

Question 8: Write the antonyms of the following words:

(a) Brisk – inactive, inanimate

(b) Eager – uneager, indifferent

Question 9: Correct the statements:

(a) The speaker was travelling to Goa to visit Aunt Polly’s house.

Answer: The speaker was travelling to Guwahati to visit Aunt Ratna’s house.

(b) Bihu is about gifting and dancing.

Answer: Bihu is about farming and cultivation.

(c) In the past, Bihu was celebrated only in cities.

Answer: In the past, Bihu was celebrated only in villages.

So, these were Celebrating Bihu Questions & Answers.

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