The Hunt Questions & Answers

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The Hunt Questions & Answers

Question 1: Who is the narrator of the story? What was the narrator’s age when the incident took place?

Answer: The narrator of the story is a horse named Black Beauty. Black Beauty was only two years old when the incident occurred.

Question 2: What was the narrator doing at the time of the incident?

Answer: The narrator was grazing with other colts in the lower part of the field when the incident occurred.

Question 3: Who were the dogs chasing? Why were they doing so? Why were men in green coats following them?

Answer: The hounds were chasing a hare. Hare coursing was a sport that was enjoyed by the men in green coats who followed the hounds to get the hare before the hounds killed it.

Question 4: What ‘sad sight’ did the narrator see by the Brook?

Answer: The narrator saw that two fine horses had fallen beside the brook. One was struggling in the stream and the other was groaning on the grass. One of the riders was getting out of the water covered with mud while the other lay quite still, as his neck was broken.

Question 5: Who was the young man who lay still on the grass? Why did everyone look serious when he was raised?

Answer: The man who laid still in the grass was George Gordon, a tall fine young man who was the only son of the squire and the pride of his family. Everyone looked serious when he was raised because they knew he was hurt badly and would not survive.

Question 6: Describe the last and final part of the hunt.

Answer: Although the hunters had managed to catch the hare, the hunt was not a success, but rather ended in disaster. Not only was the squire’s son fatally hurt, but sadly, a fine horse had to be put down.

Question 7: What is the mood or the atmosphere that the author has created in this story?

Answer: The author has created a tragic mood in this story.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

‘They have found a hare,’ said my mother.

(a) Who are ‘they’?

Answer: They are the hunters.

(b) Why were they looking for a hare?

Answer: They were looking for a hare to hunt.

(c) What would they do with the hare?

Answer: They would cook and eat the hare.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

..we heard one shriek and that was the end of her.

(a) Who shrieked and why?

Answer: The shriek came from the hare that was caught by the hounds.

(b) How did her life come to an end?

Answer: Her life ended when she could not escape through the thick fence and was therefore caught by the hounds.

(c) Was there any way the victim could have saved herself?

Answer: No, there was no way the victim could have saved herself.

So, these were The Hunt Questions & Answers.

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