Sona’s Adventure 1 Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sona’s Adventure 1 Questions & Answers.

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Sona’s Adventure 1 Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Grumbled – complained
  • Gallons – one gallon is equal to about four and a half litres
  • Doze – sleep for a little while
  • Peculiar – strange

Question 1: Number these sentences in the correct order:


…6…The animals made fun of Sona.
…3…Sona decided to explore the area.
…1…Sona’s mother led him to a pool of water.
…2…Sona’s mother started to doze.
…5…The younger animals wanted to see these peculiar creatures.
…4…The crow spread the news about the camels.

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

(a) Sona’s mother said that camels have a separate________in their stomachs to store water.

i. compartment
ii. home
iii. pocket

(b) The animal that suggested the nickname ‘Humpy’ for Sona was the_____

i. fox
ii. rabbit
iii. snake

(c) The only animal that tried to defend Sona was the_____

i. fox
ii. deer
iii. goat

Question 3: What are the creatures mentioned here?

Answer: The creatures mentioned here are camel, crow, snake, goat, deer and fox.

Question 4: What kind of a place is it?

Answer: It is a desert with some water and trees.

Question 5: Why did Sona stop?

Answer: Sona stopped because she was feeling thirsty.

Question 6: How did his mother make him go on?

Answer: His mother made him go on by saying that water is near towards a line of trees.

Question 7: How did Sona’s mother know that water was near?

Answer: Sona’s mother knew that water was near because she saw the trees. In a desert, where there are trees, there is water.

Question 8: Why was the crow surprised?

Answer: The crow was surprised because Sona and his mother drank more water than any other animal it had seen.

Question 9: For how many days had Sona and his mother stayed without drinking water?

Answer: Sona and his mother had stayed for five days without drinking water.

Question 10: What did the crow think about the camels?

Answer: The crow thought that the camels drink a lot of water in one time than other animals.

Question 11: What interesting things about camels did the mother camel tell the crow?

Answer: The mother camel told the crow that camels can live without water for many days because they have separate compartment in their body to store water.

Question 12: Which animals were interested in knowing more about the camels? Why?

Answer: The younger animals like rabbit, goat, snake, deer and fox were interested in knowing more about the camels.

Question 13: Why did the other animals make fun of Sona?

Answer: The other animals make fun of Sona because they thought that he was ugly.

So, these were Sona’s Adventure 1 Questions & Answers.

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