Father’s Help Questions & Answers

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Father’s Help Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Lurid – shocking
  • Jutka – a horse-drawn carriage
  • Perjurer – one who lies, especially in a court, after taking an oath to tell the truth
  • Apprehensively – in an uneasy way
  • Languor – a state of being lazy or tired
  • With a bleeding heart – feeling too much kindness towards somebody who other people think does not deserve kindness
  • Blanching – becoming pale because of pain
  • Obtrusive – prominent in an unpleasant manner

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Swami did not want to go to school because he had a headache – False
(b) Swami’s school began at 9:00 a.m. – False
(c) Samuel taught arithmetic and history to Swami and his class-fellows – True
(d) Swami decided to fling the complaint letter written by his father into gutter – True
(e) Swami was overjoyed at getting the complaint letter against Samuel – False
(f) Swami reached the school an hour late – False
(g) Samuel gave Swami eight cuts of cane – False
(h) Samuel had two arithmetic periods with Swami’s class on Monday – False
(i) Swami delivered the complaint letter to the headmaster after the last bell rang – False

Question 2: How did Swamy’s father react when Swami told him that he was not going to school? How different was his reaction from that of his mother?

Answer: Swami’s father scowled at him and remarked that Swami should not remain idle on Sunday if he wants to get up without headache on Monday. He angrily instructed Swami to get ready for the school without any delay. His reaction was entirely different from his mother as he dealt with Swami strictly but his mother listened to his excuses calmly and permitted him to stay at home.

Question 3: Father’s behaviour took an unexpected turn. What was unexpected about Swami’s father’s behaviour?

Answer: Swami gave a lurid account of Samuel’s violence and hoped that after listening to his statements his father would not allow him to attend Samuel’s class late. But to his surprise, his father proposed to send him late to Samuel’s class as a kind of challenge. This was an unexpected turn in Swami’s father’s behaviour.

Question 4: Why didn’t Swami hand over the complaint letter to the headmaster in the morning?

Answer: Swami didn’t hand over the complaint letter to the headmaster in the morning because there was a chance that Samuel might do something to justify the letter.

Father’s Help Questions & Answers

Question 5: Could Swami deliver the complaint letter to the headmaster after school? Why/why not?

Answer: No, Swami couldn’t deliver the complaint letter to the headmaster after school because the headmaster had taken the afternoon off and was on leave for a week.

Question 6: Swami went to school feeling that he was the worst perjurer on earth. Describe his feelings at this point. Why did he feel like the worst perjurer?

Answer: Swami was burdened with his guilt. His conscience bothered him, he was not at all sure if he had been accurate in his description of Samuel. He could not decide how much of what he had said was imagined and how much of it was real. Swami’s head was dizzy with confusion. One moment he felt an impulse to run back home and request his father to take that letter. But he knew his father was stubborn. He knew he would held responsible for all disgrace, humiliation and suffering of Samuel. The more he thought of Samuel, the more he pained for him. He felt like the worst as he knew that he had lied about his teacher and had made a shocking account of his violence to his father. He wished to fling the letter into the gutter but the thought of his father’s obstinate nature stopped him in doing so, whom he could not deceive.

Question 7: How was Swami’s father’s behaviour different from his mother’s?

Answer: Swami’s mother had a sympathetic attitude, she generously allowed him to stay at home but his father being a stubborn natured person did not listen to any of his excuse and forced him to go to school.

Question 8: Why and where was Swami at 9:30 a.m. and where was he supposed to be?

Answer: Swami, on Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. pretended to have a headache and was lying on the bench in mother’s room. He was supposed to be at school shouting in the school prayer hall.

Question 9: Why did Swami make an excuse of headache on Monday morning?

Answer: Swami was in no mood of going to school. He had Monday morning blues so, he made a very childish and casual excuse of having a severe headache.

Question 10: Why was Swami reluctant to give the letter to the headmaster? What were his thoughts about the whole matter?

Answer: Swami was reluctant to give the letter to the headmaster because he knew that he had given a false picture of Samuel to his father. He considered himself as the worst perjurer. His conscience pricked him and he decided to deliver the letter at the end of the day so that he could have time to try and prove what was written in the letter was true.

So, these were Father’s Help Questions & Answers.

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