The Mystery Of The Cyber Friend Questions & Answers

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The Mystery Of The Cyber Friend Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Friends net – website in internet where one can meet and talk to different people
  • Nap – to sleep for a short period of time
  • Wonder – surprised
  • Offline – computer not connected to internet
  • Cyber safety – safe and responsible use of phone and the internet
  • Scary – frightening
  • Confide – to trust
  • Cyber crime – criminal activities done using computers or the internet
  • Shriek – to scream as in a sudden fright

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Shree lives in Katpadi junction town.
(b) Shree celebrated her 13th birthday.
(c) Madhoo was film actress.
(d) Chaitra finally asked her to come to the railway station.
(e) Akka went to station master to get a help for them.

Question 2: Write True or False:

(a) Shree spends most of the time on T.V. – False
(b) Shree’s aunt stays with them – True
(c) Chaitra is Shree’s school friend – False
(d) Chaitra gifted Shree a new camera phone – False
(e) Shree went alone to the train station to meet Chaitra – False
(f) A fraud middle aged man pretended to be Chaitra – True

Question 3: Why did Shree’s parents buy her a computer?

Answer: Shree’s parents bought her a computer because they wanted her to learn computer.

Question 4: How did Shree make friends through computer?

Answer: Two months ago, on her thirteenth birthday, Shree joined ‘Friends Net’. Through this net, she made friends.

Question 5: What were the online activities given in this story?

Answer: Chaitra tells lies to Shree, saying that she is studying in a school near to Shree’s school. She used a film star’s picture as her profile. She asked Shree to come to the railway station all alone.

Question 6: How did Shree’s aunt save Shree from the man who pretended to be Chaitra?

Answer: Shree’s aunt accompanied her to the railway station. She informed the station manager about the new friend and asked him to help them. When she saw the man talking to Shree, she hit him with her handbag. He ran away into the crowded train.

Question 7: How did the police find the man who pretended to be Chaitra?

Answer: A Cyber crime officer went through Shree’s computer within hours he found the man, who pretended to be Chaitra.

Question 8: Identify the character and speaker:

(a) “Do you have many friends?”

Answer: Chaitra

(b) “I lost a few friends today.”

Answer: Shree

(c) “Are you feeling unwell?”

Answer: Shree’s aunt

(d) “Too much of school work.”

Answer: Shree

(e) “Hello, Friend. How are you today?”

Answer: Chaitra

(f) “Great. Now can you send me a selfie?”

Answer: Chaitra

(g) “I have a new friend, Akka!”

Answer: Shree

(h) “But that’s the film actress I like so much, Madhoo.”

Answer: Shree’s aunt

(i) “Don’t you dare come near my niece.”

Answer: Shree’s aunt

(j) “You are clever to confide in a trusted adult.”

Answer: Policewoman

So, these were The Mystery Of The Cyber Friend Questions & Answers.

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