Pygmalion Questions & Answers

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Pygmalion Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Bloke – a man
  • Dustman – a man who clears dustbins
  • Propose – put forward for the other’s consideration
  • Fraud – a pretender
  • Primroses – light yellow spring flowers

Question 1: How does the playwright purposefully use the element of rain in Act 1?

Answer: Playwright in order to introduce his characters which comes from diverse strata and make them know each other has purposefully used the element of rain in Act 1.

Question 2: What does Higgins claim to do?

Answer: Higgins claims to make the flower girl speak like a duchess. He could even get her a job as a lady’s maid or a shop assistant.

Question 3: What do Higgins and Pickering have in common?

Answer: Higgins and Pickering both belonged to dialect field.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:
‘I can, (reads, copying her voice exactly) “Cheer ap, sur n’ baw ya flahr from a pore gel.” I know exactly where in London you come from by the awful way you speak – You are from Lisson Grove.’

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Note taker is the speaker.

(b) What is his specialty?

Answer: He can copy the voice of anybody.

(c) What does he mean by ‘I can’?

Answer: By ‘I can’ he meant that he can read what is written.

(d) Whom he is copying? Why?

Answer: He is copying Eliza because he deals in phonetics.

Question 5: Why does Eliza come to see Prof. Higgins?

Answer: Eliza had come to see Prof. Higgins to take lessons from him.

Question 6: Why does Prof. Higgins take Eliza as his student?

Answer: Prof. Higgins took Eliza as his student because Pickering have given him a challenge that whoever teaches Eliza Dolittle to speak is the greatest teacher alive.

Pygmalion Questions & Answers

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:
‘Well, sir, she says you’ll be glad to see her when you know what she’s come about.’

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Mrs Pearce to Prof. Higgins.

(b) Where does this scene takes place?

Answer: This scene takes place in Higgin’s flat on Wimpole street.

(c) Whom is the speaker referring to as ‘she’?

Answer: The speaker is referring to Eliza.

(d) Why does ‘she’ think the man will be glad to see her? Is he actually pleased?

Answer: She thinks that the man will be glad to see her because perhaps he wanted her to talk into his machines. No, he was not actually pleased.

Question 8: Who is Alfred Doolittle? Why does he want to meet Prof. Higgins?

Answer: Alfred Doolittle is Eliza’s father. He wanted to meet Prof. Higgins because he cannot let her go for nothing.

Question 9: What are Mrs Higgin’s views on Eliza?

Answer: According to Mrs Higgins, Eliza is not presentable. She looks beautiful, but she gives her identity away when she speaks.

Question 10: Who is Whiskers? What does he make Eliza out to be?

Answer: Whiskers was the pupil of Prof. Higgins. He now works for kings and queens throughout Europe, helping them with their English. He made Eliza out to be a Hungarian princess.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:
‘Just a moment! The truth is – I don’t want to take her with me, but I can’t let her go for nothing. What about a five-pound note?’

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Mr. Doolittle to Higgins.

(b) Whom is he referring to as ‘her’?

Answer: He is referring to Eliza.

(c) What his he bargaining about?

Answer: He is bargaining about his daughter by saying he cannot let her go for nothing.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:
‘Yes. yes, she cannot deceive me. Her name cannot be Doolittle because Doolittle is an English name and she is not English.’

(a) Who says this to whom?

Answer: Whiskers said this to the lady.

(b) Whom is the speaker talking about? Why does the speaker think ‘she’ is not English?

Answer: The speaker is talking about Eliza. The speaker thinks she is not English because only foreigners who has been taught to speak it speak it so well.

So, these were Pygmalion Questions & Answers.

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