The Kid Questions & Answers

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The Kid Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Obnoxious – exceedingly unpleasant
  • Stimulus – an agent that causes a reaction
  • Engaging – charming
  • Enumerate – list out
  • Waxing – growing
  • Gags – funny
  • Insane – crazy
  • Enthused – inspired
  • Terminated – brought to an end
  • Harrowing – distressing

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:
In those days, I would often sit before them because their presence and reactions were a stimulus.

(a) What does the writer refer to as ‘those days’?

Answer: By those days the writer refers to the days when he was directing the plays.

(b) Whom would he sit before?

Answer: He would sit before his stock company.

(c) Why was the writer in need of stimulus?

Answer: The writer was in need of stimulus because he was bogged down and listless.

Question 2: Why did the Chaplin go to the Orpheum? How did his visit become memorable and rewarding to him?

Answer: Chaplin went to the Orpheum for distraction because he was in state of despair. His visit was memorable and rewarding to him because he saw a dancer who was an infant of four who did few amusing steps and Chaplin was impressed by him.

Question 3: What about the boy’s performance arrested Caplin’s attention and remained etched in his memory?

Answer: The boy Jackie Coogan was charming and the audience thoroughly enjoyed it. Whatever he did, the little fellow had an engaging personality and this remained etched in his memory.

Question 4: What was so special about the child? How did Chaplin hope to benefit from it?

Answer: Jackie could apply emotion to the action and action to the emotion and could repeat it time and time again without losing the effect of spontaneity. Chaplin hoped to get his best performance by reciting him the incidents and the boy performed brilliantly.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:
The news struck me like fork-lightning. My God! Why didn’t I think of that? Of course he would be marvellous in films!

(a) What news is the writer referring to?

Answer: The news was that Jackie Coogan has been signed up by Roscoe Arbuckle.

(b) Why did the news create excitement in the writer?

Answer: The news created excitement in the writer as he thought he would be marvellous in films.

(c) Where did the writer met ‘him’ earlier?

Answer: The writer had met him earlier in Orpheum Theatre.

The Kid Questions & Answers

Question 6: What was the news that first disappointed and later excited Chaplin? Why?

Answer: The news that first disappointed Chaplin was Jackie was signed up by Arbuckle. Chaplin was later excited because he came to know that Jackie’s father and not Jackie was signed up by Arbuckle.

Question 7: Why did Chaplin not want his idea to be disclosed? What measures did he take up to keep it a secret?

Answer: Chaplin did not want his idea of signing Jackie be disclosed. He told Robinson to be cautious about what he said lover the phone, not to mention anything about the kid not even to his father until he gets here.

Question 8: Chaplin could not bear to see the child being made to cry. How did the child’s father accomplish this?

Answer: The child’s father accomplished the task of child being made to cry by saying if he didn’t cry we’d take him away from the studio and really send him to the workhouse.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:
I leaped out of my chair.’ Quick! Get the father on the phone and tell him to come here at once. It’s very important!’

(a) Who is ‘I’?

Answer: ‘I’ is Charlie Chaplin.

(b) What made him leap out of the chair?

Answer: The news that Jackie’s father and not Jackie was signed up by Arbuckle made him leap out of the chair.

(c) Who was the father and why was he summoned?

Answer: It was Jackie’s father and he was summoned so that Jackie can be signed up by Chaplin.

(d) Which place is being referred to as ‘here’?

Answer: ‘Here’ is the place where the Chaplin’s company were rehearsing.

So, these were The Kid Questions & Answers.

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