Rescuing Spot Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Rescuing Spot Questions & Answers.

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Rescuing Spot Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Scooped – picked up quickly
  • Pound – a place where dogs found without their owners are kept till their owners come to take them away
  • Squad – a group of people doing a special job
  • Stray – an animal that has no home and lives on the streets
  • Squeaks – make a loud, unpleasant sound

Question 1: Who said these words and to whom.

(a) Mummy said they are white mice.

Answer: Spot said this to Jai.

(b) Just wait Spot. I will get you out.

Answer: Jai said this to Spot.

(c) I know just what we should do.

Answer: Martha, the mother hen told this to Bessie, Jai and to other hens.

(d) No, Spot thank all our friends.

Answer: Jai told this to Spot.

Question 2: Why did Jai follow the van?

Answer: Jai followed the van because it scooped up Spot.

Question 3: How did the animals get to know about Spot?

Answer: When Spot was carried away by the squad, Jai flew off to find his mother, Bessie and told her about the incident. Beauty, the mare and Maratha, the mother hen also got to know about Spot. They went to Jimmy, the white mouse who heard the story and squeaked for all the other mice to gather. All the animals sat in a circle and made a plan. This is how they got to know about Spot.

Question 4: How did Jimmy and his friends rescue Spot?

Answer: Jimmy and all the other animals made a plan to rescue Spot. They went to the pound and saw Spot crying and caged, through a window. The hens climbed on Beauty’s back, formed a row and started tapping the window with their beaks. The guard woke up to check on the noise and opened the door meanwhile the white mice slipped inside the room and started chewing the net walls of Spot’s cage. Spot soon wriggled out of the cage and both of them hide near the door, as soon as the guard opened the door they slipped out of the room.

So, these were Rescuing Spot Questions & Answers.

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