To The Cuckoo Questions & Answers

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To The Cuckoo Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Blithe – happy and carefree
  • Babbling – talking continuously
  • Vale – valley
  • Rove – roam
  • Beget – to make something happy
  • Faery – imaginary

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Who is the newcomer?

i. Bird
ii. Cuckoo
iii. Poet

(b) A Cuckoo is welcomed_________times.

i. One
ii. Two
iii. Three

(c) What is unsubstantial faery place’

i. Sky
ii. Tree
iii. Earth

Question 2: Why does the speaker call the Cuckoo, ‘a blithe new-corner’?

Answer: The Cuckoo is called a blithe new-comer because it has arrived as the merry harbinger of the spring season.

Question 3: Why does the speaker welcome the Cuckoo thrice?

Answer: The Cuckoo is welcomed thrice because to the poet it is a bird, a messenger for spring and also a mystery.

Question 4: Has the speaker seen the Cuckoo?

Answer: The speaker cannot see the bird but can hear its call.

Question 5: Does the Cuckoo remind the speaker of his childhood days?

Answer: The bird reminds the speaker of the golden days of his boyhood.

Question 6: What does ‘golden time’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Golden time’ refers to the poet’s childhood days when he used to hear the sweet voice of the cuckoo and used to roam in the woods, bushes, fields etc. to see the source of that sweet voice.

Question 7: List various themes in the poem.

Answer: The various themes include – the music of the Cuckoo bird, nature, seasons, memory etc.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

O Cuckoo! shall I call thee Bird,
Or but a wandering Voice?

(a) Who is the speaker? Who is he speaking to?

Answer: The speaker is an admirer of the Cuckoo. He is talking to the bird.

(b) Why is the speaker in a dilemma?

Answer: The speaker is in dilemma because he cannot see the Cuckoo but can only hear its song which moves from place to place.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

O blessed Bird! The earth we pace
Again appears to be
An unsubstantial, faery places;
That is fit home for Thee!

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is an admirer of the Cuckoo.

(b) Who is the ‘blessed bird’ being spoken to?

Answer: The ‘blessed bird’ is the Cuckoo.

(c) Why does the speaker call the earth ‘unsubstantial place’?

Answer: The speaker calls the earth ‘unsubstantial place’because it looks like a fairyland with the Cuckoo’s song in it.

Question 10: Do you think the speaker is nostalgic? How can you tell?

Answer: The poet is nostalgic as he talks about the golden days of his childhood.

Question 11: What is the Cuckoo symbolic of?

Answer: The Cuckoo is a symbol of spring, nature and music.

So, these were To The Cuckoo Questions & Answers.

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