Cat’s Paradise Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Cat’s Paradise Questions & Answers.

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Cat’s Paradise Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) The narrator was taken care of nicely by her/his mistress – True
(b) The narrator did not long to go out – False
(c) The narrator was jealous of the tomcats – True
(d) The narrator’s notions about the lives of the tomcats were proven right – False
(e) The workman offered a cutlet to the narrator – False

Question 2: Describe the condition in which the narrator lived before leaving the house.

Answer: Before leaving the house, the narrator lived a luxurious life with her mistress. He had a bed with three blankets and was fed meat everyday.

Question 3: Why did the narrator fancy the outside world?

Answer: Despite of his fat body, the narrator was bored with his perfect life. He saw the other wild cats playing on the rooftops freely and wanted to join them. So, he also yearned for freedom.

Question 4: Why did the other cats call the narrator a scaredy-cat? Why was the narrator scared?

Answer: The narrator was scared when the other cats were meowing frightfully to him and that is why they called him a scaredy-cat.

Question 5: What did the tomcat say to the narrator?

Answer: The tomcat said to the narrator that he would never be able to adjust in the outside world. He said that the life of abundance is fine for the spoiled cats but free cats would always prefer the independent life over this imprisoned one.

Question 6: In what ways was life on the streets different from the life that the narrator had led?

Answer: The narrator was living a luxurious life inside the house. On the other hand, life on the streets was free and independent but full of risk, full of struggle for food and shelter.

Question 7: Why do you think the speaker, despite leading a luxurious life, ‘disdained all the pleasures of the house’?

Answer: Despite leading a luxurious life, the speaker ‘disdained all the pleasures of the house’. This is may be due to the fact that he got bored with his luxurious, comfortable life so, he longed for an independent, free and adventurous life.

Question 8: In the end, why do you think the speaker was joyous despite receiving a punishment?

Answer: The speaker was joyous despite receiving a punishment as he came to know that the life outside the house was so hard, risky and full of struggle.

So, these were Cat’s Paradise Questions & Answers.

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