Mr Toad’s Adventure Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Mr Toad’s Adventure Questions & Answers.

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Mr Toad’s Adventure Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) Mr Toad was startled by the sound of a truck – False
(b) Mr Toad didn’t want to steal the car – True
(c) Mr Toad broke the traffic rules – True
(d) Mr Toad was let go because he was a wealthy merchant – False
(e) Mr Toad was a helpless prisoner in a remote dungeon – True

Question 2: What was Mr. Toad doing when he heard the sound of the car?

Answer: Mr. Toad was having his lunch in the coffee room of an inn when he heard the sound of the car.

Question 3: Describe Mr Toad adventure after he picked the car from the inn-yard till he was caught.

Answer: Mr. Toad pulled the car out of the inn- yard and drove away in great speed. He was neither conscious that he had done something wrong nor aware of where he was heading. When he heard the police siren, he increased the speed further and tried to escape. But he was caught at the next turn of the road.

Question 4: How did Mr Toad behave when he was caught by the traffic police?

Answer: Mr. Toad was arrogant and told the traffic police that he did not need any license. He also lied by saying that he had only been trying to check the speed limit of the car.

Question 5: Who was Mr. Clerk? What was his opinion on the crime committed by Mr Toad?

Answer: Mr. Clerk was a member of the court of law. He thought that Mr. Toad had committed three very serious crimes – stealing a motorcar, driving dangerously and cheeking the police. He thought Mr Toad should get twenty years of imprisonment for these crimes.

Question 6: Describe the journey of Mr Toad from the Court House of the dungeon where he was imprisoned.

Answer: Mr Toad was put in chains and dragged through the marked place where people attacked him with carrots. After he entered the old prison house, he saw soldiers making fun of him and also looking at him threateningly, he went through the thumbscrew-room and finally reached the remotest dungeon. Here he was handed over to a jailer who put him inside the cell.

Question 7: Why do you think Mr Toad was consumed by the desire to drive the vehicle despite knowing that it didn’t belong to him?

Answer: Mr. Toad loved to drive. We know it from the description: ‘Mr. Toad was at his best and highest, Mr. Toad the terror, the traffic queller, the Lord of the lone trail, before whom all must give way or be smitten into nothingness and everlasting night.’ It was a passion he could not control. When he saw the car, his sense of morality left him, and he picked it up despite knowing that it was wrong.

Question 8: Do you think Mr Toad was a thief? Explain your answer.

Answer: Stealing was not exactly Mr Toad’s intention. He did not plan to own the car. He failed to control his temptation when he saw the car and stole it despite knowing it was wrong.

Question 9: Do you think the penalty meted out to Mr Toad was justified?

Answer: No, the penalty was not at all justified as Mr Toad’s crime was not grave to deserve this horrible penalty of 20 years of imprisonment.

So, these were Mr Toad’s Adventure Questions & Answers.

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