Welcome To The Forest Questions & Answers

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Welcome To The Forest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the sentences:

1. Tulsa wishes she could visit a forest.
2. Tulsa and her friends are invited to visit a forest called Kanha Tiger Reserve.
3. From school to the forest takes four hours by bus.
4. Mithu thought the air smelt like trees and leaves.
5. Next morning Tulsa woke up at five in the morning.

Question 2: What stories did Tulsa like to hear?

Answer: Tulsa liked to hear stories about tigers and forests.

Question 3: Why couldn’t Tulsa and her friends stop grinning?

Answer: Tulsa and her friends couldn’t stop grinning because they were invited to visit Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Question 4: Who welcomes the girls at Kanha Tiger Reserve?

Answer: Khare Chacha, a senior forest official, welcomes the girls at Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Question 5: What sounds does Khare Chacha play for the girls?

Answer: Khare Chacha plays the sounds of animals and birds for the girls to hear and recognize.

Question 6: What does the cold air taste like to Tulsa?

Answer: The cold air tastes like mint leaves to Tulsa.

Question 7: What sounds did the girls hear as they go near the river?

Answer: As they go near the river, the girls hear the sounds of birds calling from the trees.

Question 8: Which animal could Tulsa touch? How did it make her feel?

Answer: Tulsa could touch an elephant named Tara. It made her feel delighted and happy.

Question 9: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “His feathers are shining in the winter sun and are sparkling like gemstones.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is Ranveer Uncle, the forest guide.

(b) Who is the speaker addressing?

Answer: The speaker is addressing Tulsa and her friends.

(c) Where are they at the time of speaking?

Answer: They are in the forest, observing a peacock.

(d) Whose ‘feathers are shining’?

Answer: The peacock’s feathers are shining and sparkling like gemstones.

2. “But he has probably seen you and wants you to know that.”

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: The speaker is Ranveer Uncle, the forest guide.

(b) What is he referring to?

Answer: He is referring to the tiger.

(c) Why does he say this?

Answer: He says this to explain that the tiger’s call is a way of letting them know it is there.

Question 10: Why does Khare Chacha want the girls to hear the sounds of the animals?

Answer: Khare Chacha wants the girls to hear the sounds of the animals so that they can become familiar with the forest’s wildlife and enhance their overall experience.

Question 11: How does Ranveer uncle, the forest guide help the girls experience the safari?

Answer: Ranveer Uncle helps the girls experience the safari by providing detailed descriptions of the animals, their behaviour, and the sounds they make. He creates an immersive and educational environment for the girls during the safari.

Question 12: “There are so many ways to experience the forest!” What do you think these ways are? Mention at least two.

Answer: “There are so many ways to experience the forest!” Two possible ways are:

  • Observing the animals and their behaviours.
  • Appreciating the natural sounds and beauty of the forest environment.

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