Bruno Goes Exploring Questions & Answers

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Bruno Goes Exploring Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

“And he still wished that he could go back home to Berlin.

(a) Why does he want to go back to Berlin?

Answer: Bruno is homesick. He has no friends. His hobby of exploring becomes a bore as their property is too small so, he wants to go back to Berlin.

(b) How did Bruno feel about Herr Liszt?

Answer: Herr Liszt was a mystery to Bruno, although he was friendly and never raised his hand on him like his old teacher in Berlin. But still Bruno feels that there was some anger inside him that was just waiting to get out.

(c) Which subjects Bruno like the most?

Answer: Bruno liked stories about Knights, adventures and exploring. His favourite subjects were reading and art.

(d) Why was Burno pleased?

Answer: Herr Liszt would teach him about his origin, about his homeland. This pleased Bruno because now, he would get a proper explanation for why they had all been forced to leave their comfortable house.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

“Bruno had been looking out of his bedroom window at the garden”.

(a) What were the things Bruno discovered from his bedroom window?

Answer: Bruno discovered a tall fence, wooden telegraph poles and all different kinds of people in their striped pyjamas.

(b) How did Bruno prepare himself for exploration?

Answer: He wore an overcoat and an old pair of boots which he thought a real explorer might wear.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘He’d often seen the people from his side of the fence and it was clear that they were in charge.’

(a) Which two groups are being referred to here?

Answer: The quoted lines refer to the groups of people whom Bruno saw at Out-With. One was the group of people who lived in the camp and wore the same clothes, the striped pyjamas and cloth-caps. The other one was the group of people who wandered about in uniforms with bright red and black arm-bands and carried guns and always looked terribly stern.

(b) How did the people on the other side behave in the presence of the people from his side?

Answer: The people on the other side of the fence, all jumped to attention whenever the people from Bruno’s side approached. Sometimes, they fell to the ground and sometimes they did not even get up and had to be carried away instead.

(c) Who do you think the two groups of people really were?

Answer: The people in the pyjamas were the Jews at concentration camp in Auschwitz. The people in uniform were the Nazi soldiers and officers.

Bruno Goes Exploring Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

‘He had done it all time back in Berlin and that was exploring’.

(a) Who is the person being referred to in these lines?

Answer: The person referred to in these lines is Bruno.

(b) How was his life different in Berlin compared to the life in Out-With?

Answer: At Out-With, Bruno did not have anyone to play with. He was all by himself. He did not have to go to school, but had a private tutor who came to his house. He was ordered not go exploring and never to go to the other side of the fence that separated his house from the camp.

(c) How did he prepare himself for exploration?

Answer: Bruno jumped off his bed and rummaged in his wardrobe for an overcoat and an old pair of boots. It was a kind of clothes he thought the real explorer might wear. Once he was dressed, he prepared to leave his house.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

‘The bronze was very cold so he pulled his fingers away before taking a deep breath and beginning his journey.’

(a) What did he touch? Where was it placed?

Answer: Bruno touched a small bronze plaque. It was located on a bench just outside the fence surrounding the camp.

(b) What had been inscribed on the bronze? What do think it actually means?

Answer: The inscription on the plaque read, ‘Presented on the occasion of the opening of Out-With camp, June Nineteen Forty’. It actually marked the date of inauguration of one of the most famous concentration camps of the Nazi era, the Auschwitz camp.

(c) What did he try not to think about as he began his journey? Why?

Answer: At the beginning of his journey, Bruno tried to think about the countless occasions when he was told by both his parents that he was not allowed to walk anywhere near the fence or the camp. He particularly tried to forget the warning that exploration was banned at Out-With, without any exception.

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