Peter of Haarlem Questions & Answers

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Peter of Haarlem Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Invalid – a person who cannot move about much because of illness
  • Recollection – memory
  • Boundless – limitless
  • Sluices – passages that carry water and which can be opened or closed to control its flow
  • Crevice – crack
  • Hoarse – sore
  • Surging – swelling
  • Vigil – watch
  • Sturdy – strong

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Where did Peter live?

i. Holland
ii. Switzerland
iii. England

(b) What kind of a boy was Peter?

i. cruel
ii. unselfish
iii. selfish

(c) What did Peter bring for the blind man?

i. breads
ii. buns
iii. cakes

(d) What did Peter collect for his mother?

i. pearls
ii. flowers
iii. jewels

(e) Who came to help Peter at last?

i. a priest
ii. his teacher
iii. a friend

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Peter’s mother was pleased with his thoughtfulness.
(b) The old man was telling Peter one of the stories.
(c) The old man was delighted with the cakes.
(d) The priest spent his night by the bedside of a sick person.

Question 3: Write True or False:

(a) Peter went to meet the blindman – True
(b) Peter collected many flowers for his mother – True
(c) Peter ignored the water coming out of the dyke – False
(d) Peter didn’t stay there the whole night – False
(e) The town of Haarlem drowned at last – False

Question 4: Who was Peter?

Answer: Peter was a little boy whose father was a sluicer. He was a very unselfish boy who loved to share anything he had that he liked.

Question 5: Where did Peter live with his parents?

Answer: Peter lived with his parents in the town of Haarlem, Holland.

Question 6: What did his father do for a living?

Answer: Peter’s father was a sluicer. He ensured that the water channels of the dyke remained clean and the dyke was protected.

Question 7: Why was the mother pleased with Peter?

Answer: Mother was pleased with Peter’s thoughtfulness when Peter begged his mother to let him go to a poor blind man and carry some cakes for him.

Peter of Haarlem Questions & Answers

Question 8: Why couldn’t Peter’s mother go out of the house often?

Answer: Peter’s mother would often fall ill. She was an invalid and this prevented her from going out of the house.

Question 9: What drew Peter’s attention to the threat to his town?

Answer: A slender thread of water trickling through the grass caught Peter’s eyes. He realized that it was the water trickling in through the walls of the dyke. This made him realize the threat to his town.

Question 10: Who found Peter beside the dyke in the morning?

Answer: In the morning, Peter was found by a priest who had spent his night by the bedside of a sick person. He was hurrying towards his home when he saw Peter.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:

“His mother had baked them because she knew how much Peter liked them”

(a) Whose mother is being spoken of in the above lines?

Answer: Peter’s mother is being spoken of in the above lines.

(b) What kind of a boy he is?

Answer: Peter was a very unselfish boy and whenever he had anything he liked, his first thought always was to share it with someone else.

(c) Why was Peter’s mother pleased with him?

Answer: Peter’s helpful nature and his concern for the poor blind man pleased his mother.

(d) What did Peter promise his father?

Answer: He promised that he would not stay out late and he will be back home as soon as possible.

Question 12: Read and answer the questions:

‘Soon the boy was on his way to his friend, happy at the thought of the pleasure his present would give the blind man’.

(a) Who is the boy? What had he eaten for dinner?

Answer: The boy is Peter. Peter had eaten cakes his mother made for him because he was fond of them.

(b) What present was he carrying for the old man?

Answer: He was carrying a basket filled with cakes as a present for the old man.

(c) Why was the boy feeling happy?

Answer: Peter knew that his gift would make the poor old man happy. The thought of making someone happy filled Peter’s heart with joy.

Peter of Haarlem Questions & Answers

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

‘’Suddenly, he stopped, and neither sang nor smiled.’’

(a) While coming back from the poor blind man’s house what were the things he collected?

Answer: On his way back home beside the lake, along the grassy bank grew beautiful wild flowers. So, he picked a few here and there of every colour to gift his mother.

(b) Why did he stop suddenly?

Answer: He stopped suddenly because he saw a slender thread of water tricking through the grass. And he had no clue where it was coming from.

(c) What did he do to save the people of Holland?

Answer: He carefully examined the dyke and discovered that there was a hole through which the stream of water flowed out. Nothing could fix it. So, he thrust his finger into the hole and stopped the trickling water.

(d) Who heard the groan and feeble sound of Peter?

Answer: A priest who had spent the by the bedside of a sick person was hurrying homeward on the path, beside the dyke heard Peter’s feeble voice.

Question 14: Read and answer the questions:

‘Then came a quick recollection of his promise to his father and he started homeward again, but a force as mighty as a giant’s grasp, made him turn back again to watch the trickling stream of water.

(a) Who is being referred to as ‘he’. What promise had he made to his father?

Answer: Peter of Haarlem is being referred to as ‘he’. Peter had promised to his father that he would not stay out late and would return in time.

(b) What was significant about the trickling stream of water?

Answer: The trickling stream of water came from the dyke that separated Haarlem from the sea. It showed that there was a hole in the dyke through which water was leaking in. If the water flow was not stopped, the entire town would be flooded. This made the trickling water extremely significant.

(c) What is meant by the line, ‘a force as mighty as a giant’s grasp, made him turn back again.

Answer: This line suggests that a sense of responsibility and selflessness made the little boy look back and stop the tricking water to prevent a disaster.

Question 15: Read and answer the questions:

‘Ha, Ha! He said to himself. The water can’t come down now. Haarlem shall not be drowned while I am here to keep the flood away’

(a) Where was Peter at this moment?

Answer: At that moment, Peter was at the dyke with his finger thrust inside the hole in the wall from which water was trickling in. He had reached there by climbing the steep bank, one stone at a time.

(b) How did he decide to keep the flood back?

Answer: Peter decided that he would not take out his finger from the hole in the dyke until someone came to relieve him and inform the rest of the town.

(c) Describe in your own words the difficulties faced by Peter during the night.

Answer: As Peter sat with his finger inside the hole in the dyke, it became cold and dark as night fell. He could hear all sorts of unknown and strange sounds. It seemed to him that giants and demons were lurking nearby and would attack him any moment. The finger that he had put in the hole was also hurting very badly and had become numb.

(d) How did he keep his spirits up?

Answer: Peter remembered what he had been taught by his mother and prayed to God, who could control the surging sea and protect a boy who was doing his best. Peter was only a child, but he prayed sincerely. When his prayer was said, he felt braver, stronger and more matured than before and in his heart, he decided that he would not give up till morning. This was how Peter kept his spirits up.

So, these were Peter of Haarlem Questions & Answers.

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