The Caliph and the Gardener Questions & Answers

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The Caliph and the Gardener Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The merchant came with

(a) gold and silver.
(b) diamonds and pearls.
(c) a purple bag.

2. The caliph gave the merchant

(a) clothes to wear.
(b) a long cloak.
(c) gold coin

3. While the merchant bathed in the river his

(a) bag of gold was stolen by thieves.
(b) his clothes were stolen by monkeys.
(c) red bag was taken away by an eagle.

Question 2: To whom did the merchant give the pearls and diamonds?

Answer: The merchant gave the pearls and diamonds to the caliph.

Question 3: Why did the merchant go into the river?

Answer: The merchant went into the river to cool himself in the refreshing water.

Question 4: What did the merchant see when he heard a rustling noise behind him?

Answer: The merchant saw an eagle flying away with his red bag of gold coins. He shouted and jumped out of the water.

Question 5: What did the merchant bring for the caliph after a year?

Answer: After a year, the merchant brought some jewels to the caliph.

Question 6: What did the caliph tell his officers to do?

Answer: The caliph told his officers to go to the Black Mountains and find old men who had recently become well-to-do.

Question 7: Who did the old men say had suddenly become well-to-do?

Answer: The old men mentioned that the gardener had suddenly become well-to-do.

Question 8: How many gold coins did the gardener borrow? Why did he need to do so?

Answer: The gardener borrowed ten gold coins because he and his family were suffering in need of food and clothing. He had no shoes for his feet and no coat for his back. So he wanted use those coins for his basic necessities.

Question 9: What did Al Mansour give the gardener as a reward?

Answer: Al Mansour gave the gardener ten gold pieces as a reward for his honesty.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Why, what has happened to you?” he asked. Have you been sick?”

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Al Mansour says this to the merchant.

(b) Why does he say this?

Answer: Al Mansour asks this question to find out why the merchant seems sad and downcast.

(c) What answer does he get?

Answer: The merchant tells Al Mansour about how the eagle mistook the red silk for something to eat and stole his money.

2. “Your debt is paid. Think no more about it,” he said.

(a) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Al Mansour is the speaker.

(b) What is the debt the speaker is referring to?

Answer: The debt being referred to is the ten gold coins hat the gardener borrowed from the merchant.

(c) What does this tell you about the speaker?

Answer: This tells us that Al Mansour is understanding and forgiving, as he considers the debt to be repaid and tells the gardener not to worry about it.

Question 11: How could the merchant have taken better care of his gold coins?

Answer: The merchant could have taken better care of his gold coins by not leaving them unattended on the riverbank and by ensuring they were securely stored while he bathed.

Question 12: Why does Al Mansour order his officers to bring the old men from Black Mountains? What did he want to know from them?

Answer: Al Mansour ordered his officers to bring the old men from the Black Mountains to find out if anyone had suddenly become well-to-do in that area. He wanted to gather information about the gardener’s unexpected change in fortune and understand the circumstances behind it.

Question 13: Was the gardener afraid of going to meet the caliph? Give reasons.

Answer: The gardener was not afraid of going to meet the caliph because he believed that Al Mansour’s reputation for kindness to the poor would lead to forgiveness once he explained his situation. He trusted in the caliph’s understanding and compassion.

Question 14: What does the incident of the missing gold coins tell you about Al Mansour?

Answer: The incident of the missing gold coins shows that Al Mansour is just, compassionate, and values honesty. He goes to great lengths to ensure justice is served and rewards the gardener for his honesty, displaying his qualities of fairness and benevolence.

So, these were The Caliph and the Gardener Questions & Answers.

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