The Wedding of The Mouse Questions & Answers

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The Wedding of The Mouse Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The brahmin prayed for his house to be filled with riches – False
2. The eagle said that the mouse was not enough to satisfy his hunger – True
3. The child grew up to be a kind and learned young girl – True
4. The brahmin knew that no supernatural being would be worthy of his daughter – False
5. Mountain was the strongest of them all – False

Question 2: Were the brahmin’s prayers fulfilled? How?

Answer: Yes, the brahmin’s prayers were fulfilled when the mouse fell into his palms, and he transformed her into a baby girl.

Question 3: What did the brahmin’s wife promise to do? Was she able to fulfill her promise?

Answer: The brahmin’s wife promised to raise the baby girl well, and she was able to fulfill her promise.

Question 4: Why would no mortal be a match for the brahmin’s daughter?

Answer: No mortal would be a match for the brahmin’s daughter because he believed that her daughter was the gift from the God.

Question 5: For what reason(s) did the brahmin’s daughter reject the cloud?

Answer: The brahmin’s daughter rejected the cloud because it was too wet and humid.

Question 6: Why was the mountain considered to be more powerful than the wind?

Answer: The mountain was consídered more powerful than the wind because it could block the way of the wind.

Question 7: Did the brahmin’s daughter get married eventually? To whom? How?

Answer: Yes, the brahmin’s daughter got married to the Mouse King through the brahmin’s proposal and a transformation.

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Filled with happiness, the brahmin rushes back home.”

(a) What did the brahmin pray for?

Answer: The brahmin prayed for a child.

(b) Why was the brahmin filled with happiness?

Answer: The brahmin was filled with happiness because he believed that the mouse was a gift from the Lord.

(c) Why did the brahmin rush home?

Answer: The brahmin rushed home to share the news with his wife.

(d) What did the brahmin and his wife decide to do with the baby girl?

Answer: The brahmin and his wife decided to accept the baby girl as their own child.

2. “The cloud is more powerful than me.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Sun God said this to the brahmin and his daughter.

(b) Why does the speaker think that the cloud is more powerful than him?

Answer: The speaker, Sun God, believed that the cloud was more powerful because it could cover the sun.

(c) Was there anyone more powerful than the cloud?

Answer: Yes, there was someone more powerful than the cloud, the mouse king.

Question 9: What role did the eagle play in fulfilling the brahmin’s wish? What would have happened if the eagle had not dropped the mouse?

Answer: The eagle played a role in fulfilling the brahmin’s wish by dropping the mouse, which later transformed into the baby girl. If the eagle had not dropped the mouse, the brahmin’s wish might not have been fulfilled.

Question 10: Do you think the cloud is more powerful than the sun? If no, then give reasons for your answer.

Answer: No, the cloud is not more powerful than the sun. The sun is a celestial body that provides light and heat to the entire planet, whereas the cloud can cover the sun temporarily. The sun is far more powerful in terms of its influence and energy.

Question 11: Who do you think was the most powerful? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: In the story, the Mouse King was considered the most powerful because he and his subjects could make holes inside the mountain. However, the Sun God, who represents the sun, is the most powerful in the natural world.

Question 12: What is the moral of this story?

Answer: The moral of this story is true power is not always what it seems at first glance. It’s about looking beyond superficial appearances to recognize the strength that lies within. It also suggests that one should not judge others solely based on their external characteristics.

So, these were The Wedding of The Mouse Questions & Answers.

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