Vocation Questions & Answers

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This poem is written by Rabindranath Tagore. It is the poem that expresses a child’s inner feelings. The child wishes to become a hawker, gardener and watchman. He considers them as being free to do whatever they wish. It shows the innocence of a child because he is not aware of the hardships they have to face.

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Vocation Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Hawker – a person who sells goods on streets
  • Spade – a tool used for digging
  • Giant – very big
  • Lantern – a type of light with a metal frame

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. In the first two lines, the poet says that

a. he wants to be a hawker.
b. he goes to school at 10 O’clock.
c. he wishes to be a gardener

2. The poet wants to be a gardener because

a. no one asks him about his dirty clothes.
b. he grows beautiful flowers.
c. he has a lot of time to spend leisurely.

3. In the poem, the poet wants to express

a. the wishes of a child.
b. how a child chooses his career.
c. both a and b are right.

Question 2: Complete these lines:

1. Every day I meet the hawker crying, “Bangles, crystal bangles!”
2. I wish I were a gardener digging away at the garden with nobody to stop me from digging.
3. I wish I were a watchman walking the street all night, chasing the shadows with my lantern.

Question 3: Who do you think is the speaker? What does he see on his way to school?

Answer: The speaker is probably a child of school going age. He is talking about what he wishes to do. On his way to school, he sees a hawker selling bangles.

Question 4: Why does he wish to be a hawker?

Answer: He wishes to be a hawker as the hawker doesn’t have to follow a designated route or reach a particular destination at a specified time. The young boy has a regimented life where he has to get up in the morning to go to school. The boy wants his life to be free of rules.

Question 5: Who does he see on his way back? Why does he wish to be like him?

Answer: Every day, on his way back from school, he sees the gardener using the spade as he pleases, never bothered about messing up his clothes, nor is he ever scolded by others for doing so. The young boy thus wants to be a gardener so that he can play with his spade, soil his clothes and not be scolded for doing so.

Question 6: Why does he wish to be as brave as the watchman?

Answer: The boy wishes to be as brave as the watchman since the watchman walks through the streets all alone at night, unafraid of the dark or the shadows.

Question 7: In lines 2,3 and 4 of the poem, the speaker compares the life of the bangle-seller with someone else’s life. Whose life does he compare the bangle-seller’s life to? Which of the two lives, according to the speaker, is better?

Answer: The bangle-seller’s life is compared to the school-going child’s life. The speaker envies the freedom that the bangle seller enjoys.

Question 8: Why is the street light compared to a one-red-eyed-giant?

Answer: The child compares the street light to a one-red-eyed-giant because the roads are lonely and desolate and it is only this light that stands alone on the street.

Question 9: What exactly does the speaker in the poem crave for?

Answer: The speaker in the poem craves for the freedom from authority.

Question 10: Pick out lines that contain alliteration, simile, repetition, onomatopoeia.



  • There is nothing to hurry him on.
  • Open window the watchman walking up….


The street lights like a giant with one red eye.


“Bangles, crystal Bangles!”


When the gong sounds.

So, these were Vocation Questions & Answers.

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