The Boy Who Never Told A Lie Questions & Answers

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The Boy Who Never Told A Lie Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Curly – having a lot of curls
  • Honest – always telling the truth
  • Pleasant – pleasing or attractive
  • Reason – an explanation or cause
  • Trotted off – proceeded briskly
  • Truth – real facts about something
  • Youth – young person

Question 1: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. The boy had curly hair and bloodshot eyes – False
2. The boy never told more than one lie – False
3. The children at school knew that the boy never told a lie – True
4. Everyone loved the truthful boy – True
5. Everyone knew the reason why the boy never lied – False

Question 2: Describe the appearance of the boy who never told a lie.

Answer: The boy has curly hair and pleasant eyes.

Question 3: From the poem, pick out words describing the boy.

Answer: Little, pleasant, honest, curly headed.

Question 4: What was special about the boy?

Answer: The boy always told the truth. He never told a lie.

Question 5: What did the boy grow up to be?

Answer: The boy grew up to be honest youth.

Question 6: Why did everyone love the boy?

Answer: Everyone loved the boy because he always told the truth.

Question 7: What good quality did the boy have?

Answer: The boy had a good quality of telling truth.

Question 8: Did the boy remain honest as he grow up?

Answer: Yes, the boy remained honest as he grew up.

Question 9: What did the people say about him when the boy grew up?

Answer: The people said, there goes the honest youth.

Question 10: Why do people of all ages praise that boy?

Answer: People of all ages praise that boy because he never tells a lie.

Question 11: What did this poem teach us?

Answer: The poem taught us that whatever be the circumstances, we should not tell lie.

Question 12: Write two pairs of rhyming words from the poem.

Answer: Boy-eye, cry-lie.

Question 13: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. And when he trotted off to school,
The children all about would cry,
“There goes the curly-headed boy
The boy that never tells a lie.”

(a) Who trotted off to school?

Answer: The boy trotted off to school.

(b) ‘He’ in the above lines is

i. a dishonest boy
ii. a lonely boy
iii. a truthful boy.

(c) All the children would say?

i. that the boy never tells a lie.
ii. that the boys always lie.
iii. that the boy always cries.

2. And when the people that stood near
Would turn to ask the reason why,
The answer would be always this:

(a) The people would want to know

i. why the youth lied.
ii. why the youth was called honest.
iii. why the youth walked by.

(b) The answer would always be

i. that he never tells a lie.
ii. that he was always dishonest.
iii. that he never went home.

So, these were The Boy Who Never Told A Lie Questions & Answers.

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