Tree Blessings Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Tree Blessings Questions & Answers.

This poem is written by Ruskin Bond. Trees are a blessing in disguise for human beings. Go through the poem to find out how the poet planted a tree and considered it as a blessing.

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Tree Blessings Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • A blessing in disguise – a misfortune that eventually has good results
  • Blessed – lucky, protected by God
  • Often – many times
  • Spring – the season between winter and summer

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The shade of an old tree ________ falls on the walls.

(a) brightly
(b) softly
(c) broadly

2. The poet lived in a __________.

(a) bungalow
(b) mansion
(c) cottage

3. In the poem, the tree is _________ old.

(a) two years
(b) six months
(c) five days  

4. They do not have any ________ near their cottage.

(a) tree
(b) river
(c) bottle

5. There will be a ________ in six years’ time.

(a) curse
(b) blessing
(c) fruit

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Blessed is the house upon whose walls
The shade of an old tree softly falls.”

(a) Whose words are these?

Answer: These are the words of the Grandmother.

(b) Why is the house blessed?

Answer: The house is blessed because the shade of an old tree falls on its walls.

(c) What does the word ‘shade’ mean?

Answer: The word ‘shade’ means the darkness and coolness by a shelter.

2. So, I planted one last spring.

(a) Who says these words in the poem?

Answer: The poet said these words.

(b) What did the speaker plant?

Answer: The speaker planted a tree.

(c) Why did he plant it?

Answer: He planted it because there was no tree near his cottage.

3. In six years’ time there’ll be
A blessing.

(a) Who is the speaker of this extract?

Answer: The poet is the speaker.

(b) What does ‘blessing’ refer to in this extract?

Answer: ‘Blessing’ here refers to the tree that the speaker has planted.

(c) According to the poet, how long will it take for the blessing to come?

Answer: According to the poet, it would take six months for the blessing to come.

Question 3: What kind of a house did grandmother like?

Answer: Grandmother likes a house having a tree nearby.

Question 4: What does Grandmother often say?

Answer: Grandmother often says that the house is always blessed with an old and shady tree.

Question 5: Were there enough trees near the cottage?

Answer: There were no tree near the cottage.

Question 6: When did the poet plant a tree? Does the tree give any shade now?

Answer: The poet planted the tree last spring. It does not give any shade now because it is still too young.

Question 7: Why does Grandmother say an ‘old tree’?

Answer: Grandmother said an old tree because it gives more shade.

Question 8: “In six years’ time there’Il be
A blessing” What is the blessing, the poet is talking about.

Answer: The poet is talking about the blessings of a full-grown tree.

Question 9: What are the advantages of a tree’s shadow falling on a house?

Answer: The advantages of a tree’s shadow falling on a house are:

  • It protects the house from hot sun.
  • It keeps the temperature down and the air clear.

Question 10: Why did the poet place a tree near his cottage?

(a) There was no tree near the cottage.
(b) The poet loved trees.
(c) The poet’s Grandmother told him to plant the tree.
(d) The poet found a plant and he planted it.

Question 11: List down the benefits of a tree?

Answer: The benefits of a tree are:

  • It gives us shade.
  • It gives us oxygen.
  • It gives us wood.
  • It gives us food.
  • It gives us medicines.

So, these were Tree Blessings Questions & Answers.

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