Turtle Story Questions & Answers

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Turtle Story Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The narrator of the story is

(a) a leatherback turtle
(b) an olive ridley baby turtle
(c) Hawksbill
(d) an old Green turtle

2. When the baby turtle woke up, it found itself!

(a) in a school of fish
(b) on the beach
(c) in the middle of the ocean
(d) in the raft

3. Old green looked young though she was ____________

(a) 100 years old
(b) 30 years old
(c) 50 years old
(d) 10 years old

4. When the olive ridley turtle was an adult, it knew it had to

(a) swim north
(b) follow the other ridley turtles
(c) lay eggs
(d) all of the above

Question 2: What were the baby turtle’s thoughts while it floated on the water?

Answer: The baby turtle thought about the beauty of the ocean and how full its stomach was while floating on the water.

Question 3: Why did the baby turtle make his home in the seaweed raft?

Answer: The baby turtle made its home in the seaweed raft for safety from predators.

Question 4: For how long did the turtle stay in the seaweed raft?

Answer: The turtle stayed in the seaweed raft for many years.

Question 5: What was the huge shadow that covered the turtle?

Answer: The huge shadow that covered the turtle was that of the leatherback turtle.

Question 6: The olive ridley asked the leatherback for directions. Where did he want to go?

Answer: The olive ridley turtle wanted to go to the Reef.

Question 7: How much did the leatherback say his weight was?

Answer: The leatherback turtle said he weighed nearly 600 kilograms.

Question 8: Where do the olive ridley turtles go to lay their eggs?

Answer: Olive ridley turtles go to the soft beaches of places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and India to lay their eggs.

Question 9: How does the turtle know it is time to nest?

Answer: The turtle knows it is time to nest through some internal instinct or compass in its head.

Question 10: Read the line and answer the questions:

1. “I wish I had that luxury. But no, I am too busy…”

(a) Who says this?

Answer: The leatherback turtle says this.

(b) What was he so busy with?

Answer: He was busy searching for jellyfish.

(c) Where did he have to go?

Answer: He had to go to the deep, deep sea.

2. “How come she looks so young”?

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Baby turtle says this to Hawks bill.

(b) Who looks so young?

Answer: Old Green Turtle looks so young.

(c) What was the reason for looking young?

Answer: The reason for looking young was that she eats only sea grass and algae.

3. ‘But you’ll see for yourself, when it’s time…

(a) Who says this and to whom?

Answer: Another ridley says this to the baby turtle.

(b) What would she see for herself?

Answer: She would see for herself the nesting process.

(c) What is the ‘time’ being referred to?

Answer: The ‘time’ refers to the time when it is appropriate for the turtle to nest.

Question 11: What are the dangers a baby turtle faces in the ocean?

Answer: Dangers a baby turtle faces in the ocean include predators like big fish, birds, and even some larger sea creatures, as well as pollution and plastic debris.

Question 12: Why does the baby turtle stay in the seaweed raft for many years?

Answer: The baby turtle stays in the seaweed raft for many years because it provides safety and a source of food. It is a protective environment for young turtles.

Question 13: Why does the leatherback turtle have to go as far as Canada?

Answer: The leatherback turtle has to go as far as Canada because that is where it finds its primary food source, jellyfish. It undertakes long migrations to locate these prey.

So, these were Turtle Story Questions & Answers.

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