Trapped By A Tiger Questions & Answers

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Trapped By A Tiger Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. After waking up, the author smelt a strong smell of

(a) an animal.
(b) a human being.  
(c) a bird.

2. The caretaker of the rest house was

(a) an army man.
(b) a navy official.
(c) a retired forest guard.

3. To escape the tiger, the author got the

(a) chimney.
(b) skylight.
(c) window.

4. The tiger went out of the living room as it

(a) felt thirsty.
(b) was hungry.
(c) found the thermos flask more interesting.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Dehra was a small north Indian town.
2. The caretaker was a retired forest guard.
3. The hunting party would met by the elephants at another halt.
4. The tiger was silent.
5. The writer pulled the dining table across the room.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Uncle Jim was not happy to find the writer alive – False
2. The writer of the story is Ruskin Bond – True
3. The tiger was a man-eater one – True
4. Uncle Jim was the caretaker – False
5. The tiger ate the writer at last – False

Question 4: What was termed as ‘the sport of kings’?

Answer: Hunting wild animals was termed as “the sport of the kings”.

Question 5: Why was the author called a coward by his cousins and friends?

Answer: In those days, hunting wild animals was supposed to prove one’s manhood. The author had a strong dislike for this so-called manly sport, that is why his cousins and friends used to call him a coward.

Question 6: Which animals were found in the forests near Dehra?

Answer: The forests near Dehra were fairly well populated by tiger, other big cats, wild elephants and various species of deer.

Question 7: Why did Uncle Jim think that the rest house was perfectly safe?

Answer: Uncle Jim thought that the rest house was perfectly safe because a retired forest guard who used to live in a hut at the other end of the clearing was the caretaker and he could be of help if needed.

Question 8: Who did the author find standing about thirty to forty metres away?

Answer: The author saw a massive monstrous tiger standing in the middle of the clearing, some thirty to forty metres away.  

Question 9: What thoughts came into the author’s mind after seeing the creature? What did he do next?

Answer: As soon as he saw the tiger, his heart started thumping loudly. He knew that the tiger was not at all friendly and had been driven out of the forest by a bunch of noisy Shikaris.

He quietly got out of his chair, dashed into the living room, shut the door and bolted it.

Question 10: Why did he feel ‘so alone and so abandoned’?

Answer: The author had an unexpected encounter with the fierce tiger. He was all alone and had no gun with him. The forest guard was also not seen and his uncle had gone to the jungle with his great hunters. The man eater monster was in a terrible mood and the author was panic stricken. At this moment, he felt so alone and so abandoned.

Question 11: Was the author right in thinking that he was safe inside the house? Explain.

Answer: Initially, the author was right when he thought he was safe inside the house but the massive tiger proved him wrong. The author managed to close and bolt all the doors and windows of the guest house inspite of being frightened and panic stricken. But the large cat was mighty enough and crashed open the door to get into the house. Luckily, the author was able to open the skylight and sneak out timely.

So, these were Trapped By A Tiger Questions & Answers.

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