Around The World in Seventy-two Days Questions & Answers

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Around The World in Seventy-two Days Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Nellie’s editor tried to discourage her from travelling around the world as

(a) he thought it was not proper for a woman to travel alone.
(b) he felt the cost of her travel would be too high.
(c) he was of the opinion that reality could not match fiction.

2. Nellie set sail around the world from

(a) Hoboken, New Jersey.
(b) Southampton, England.
(c) San Francisco.

3. The first delay occurred when

(a) Nellie reached Colombo two days late.
(b) her ship to Singapore was delayed by five days.
(c) Nellie had to wait for a day in Singapore.

4. Nellie wanted to travel around the world to

(a) earn a lot of money by getting her picture on certain products.
(b) win a lot of popularity and fame by winning a race against a fictional character.
(c) prove that she was determined, independent and able to take care of herself.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks.

1. The short notice didn’t faze.
2. It took many months to travel around the world.
3. Nellie was infuriated by another day long delay in Singapore.
4. Yokahoma is in Japan.
5. The trip through France and Italy was dark, cold and foggy.

Question 3: Write True or False for the following statements:

1. Jennifer Cochrane wrote under the name Nellie Bly – False
2. Nellie’s editor was joyful – False
3. Nellie’s newspaper was The Times – False
4. The planned train route was impassable – True
5. Thirteen days later, New York was in sight – False

Question 4: What were the challenges travellers had to face when Nellie Bly decided to travel around the world?

Answer: In the late 1800s, when Nellie Bly decided to travel around the world, it took many months to travel. Boats were late, trains were slow and connections were often missed.  

Question 5: Why did Nellie wish to sail around the world, and that too in seventy-two days?

Answer: Nellie wanted to beat the fictional record of Phileas Fogg, who went around the world in eighty days. Her courage and determination helped her circumnavigate the globe in just 72 days. All by herself she set a record which looked difficult to achieve.

Question 6: What was the reason for Nellie’s popularity in the United States of America?

Answer: Nellie enjoyed a great popularity in the United States of America because of her bravery and record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days. She was the most famous American woman reporter in the 19th century who was strong willed, determined and fearless.  

Question 7: What were the editor’s reasons for dissuading Nellie from under taking the journey? What does this tell you about the condition of women in those days?

Answer: The editor was very doubtful about the execution of Nellie’s travel plans because he felt that a woman could not travel alone and was also afraid that transferring her heavy trunks during travel would cause missed connections.

The editor’s arguments throw a light at the condition of women in those days. It was not a common practice for the women to travel alone. They were considered weaker who could not face severe heat, bitter cold, terrible storms and other such situations. Women had a tough time trying to convince others to take them seriously and accept them as capable and independent individuals.

Question 8: What happened on January 25, 1890?

Answer: On January 25, 1890, when Nellie Bly set foot in the Jersy City station, a huge, cheering throng greeted her. Proud canons roared to welcome her. She was now recognized as a pushing, determined and independent woman who was capable of taking care of herself in all situations. She was no longer misunderstood as she had won not only her race against the clock but also many hearts.

So, these were Around The World in Seventy-two Days Questions & Answers.

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