Mulan Questions & Answers

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Mulan Questions & Answers

Question 1: Do you know who these characters are? Match the names to their identities.

Column AColumn B
1. Tu-Li-Khana. a trusted soldier
2. Hua Lib. a Hun leader
3. Fa Lingc. Mulan’s adopted name
4. Zhang Yingd. the commanding officer of the troop

Answer: 1-b, 2-c, 3-d, 4-a

Question 2: Give evidence from the story to prove the following.

1. Mulan was very caring.

Answer: Mulan pretends to be Hua Li. She prevents her old father from going back to fight.

2. Mulan was clever.

Answer: Mulan thinks of a plan and executes it perfectly to capture the Huns and retrieve their supplies.

3. Fa Ling was a good leader.

Answer: Fa Ling made sure that credit was given to Hua Li for the good work.

4. The emperor was considerate.

Answer: When Hua Li asked for permission to return to her parents, the emperor allowed him to go home.

5. Tu-Li-Khan was not very smart.

Answer: Tu-Li-Khan was fooled by Hua Li and he walked straight into a trap.

6. Mulan was modest.

Answer: When the emperor wanted to appoint Hua Li as the supreme commander, she refused to take the post and credit of the victory.

Question 3: Who said these lines to whom and why?

(a) ‘All of us fought and won together.’

Answer: Mulan said to the emperor because she understood that victory was achieved by a concerted effort.

(b) ‘Our brave daughter! Welcome home!

Answer: Mulan’s father, Hua Zhou said this to her when she returned home after the victory because he was proud of his daughter.

(c) ‘I have come to surrender’.

Answer: Mulan said to Tu-Li-Khan to play a trick on him to retrieve the supplies.

(d) ‘You have saved China!’

Answer: Fa Ling said this to Hua Li. He was grateful to Hua Li for defeating and capturing Tu-Li-Khan and his men.

(e) ‘You’ll be my Supreme Commander.

Answer: The emperor said this to Hua Li to reward her for the bravery and skill displayed in the battle.

Question 4: Of which state is the story about?

Answer: The story is about the state of Northern Wei in ancient China where a young girl named Hua Mulan lived.

Question 5: Who was Hua Li?

Answer: Hua Li was Mulan’s adopted name.

Question 6: Why did Mulan become Hua Li?

Answer: Mulan became Hua Li to protect her family and her country. One day, when Huns invaded China, the emperor has ordered one able man from every family to join the army. That day Mulan became Hua Li as her father was too old and tired to fight and her brother was too young.

Question 7: How did Hua-Li make Tu-Li-Khan believe that he is loyal to Tu-Li-Khan?

Answer: Tu-Li-Khan asked Hua Li to bring the entire stock of supplies from his base camp and Hua-Li had arrived with the load of food and fodder loaded on the horses which pleased Tu-Li-Khan.

Question 8: How did Mulan retrieve the stock of supplies from Tu-Li-Khan?

Answer: Mulan took Tu-Li-Khan to the Heishui River to take rest of the stock supplies from the Li’s soldiers but Tu-Li-Khan was overpowered and made captive by the soldiers and thus, supplies were retrieved.

Question 9: The emperor commands Mulan to ask for anything she wishes. However, Mulan only asks to be relieved from the army. What does this tell us about Mulan?

Answer: Mulan asked the emperor to be relieved from the army instead of asking other selfish things. She told him that she had served the country and now she needed to do her duty towards her parents. This tells us that she was a brave, responsible, caring and loving girl.

So, these were Mulan Questions & Answers.

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