Jaldi’s Gift Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Jaldi’s Gift Questions & Answers.

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Jaldi’s Gift Questions & Answers

Question 1: How do you come to know that the narrator is a puppy dog?

Answer: When the narrator shudders from nose to tail tip while sneezing and when she made her best bow, we come to know that the narrator is a dog.

Question 2: Why was Jaldi embarrassed to meet the visitors?

Answer: Jaldi was embarrased to meet the visitors because she had been rolling around some sacks and had husks all over her brown coat.

Question 3: What is the gift that Jaldi has?

Answer: Jaldi is extremely sensitive to emotions in people around her.

Question 4: “Oh mother, shouldn’t we do something to help? Who says these words? What does this tell about the speaker’s character?

Answer: Jaldi says these words to her mother. This tells us that Jaldi was kind and concerned about everyone around her.

Question 5: “She is getting more scared every second”. Who is ‘she’? Why is she scared?

Answer: ‘She’ refers to the little girl who was crouching behind a garbage bin. She was frightened and miserable at being left alone.

Question 6: Why did Jaldi lead the procession to find the scared girl?

Answer: Every pup is born with a gift and Jaldi’s parents were trying to find out what hers was. Since she was the one who sensed fears in the little girl, her father encouraged her to lead the way.

Question 7: According to Father, who are ‘beings of low intelligence’? Give an instance from the story to support this view.

Answer: Human beings are ‘beings of low intelligence’. The woman chased away Yogi and Masti thinking that they would harm the little girl though they were only giving a company to her.

Question 8: The narrator says “The things I smelt or heard were usually quite different.” Do you agree with the narrator? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, I agree with the narrator. Puppies can hear sound and have strong smelling powers, but some puppies like Jaldi can sense the fear in human beings.

Question 9: The story says: “Just tell us what you think,” Mother said, as she always does, a dozen times a day. Why do you think Mother says these words to Jaldi so often every day?

Answer: Mother says these words to Jaldi so often every day because she wants to find out what gift Jaldi was born with.

Question 10: Why does Visitor say, “You see?”

Answer: The visitor said these words to prove that Jaldi was born with a gift to sense fear in others.

So, these were Jaldi’s Gift Questions & Answers.

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