Nat Comes To Plumfield Questions & Answers

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Nat Comes To Plumfield Questions & Answers

  • Ragged – old and torn
  • Dusky – dark
  • Banisters – handrail at the side of the staircase
  • Hospitable – friendly welcoming
  • Brisk – energetic
  • Prancing – jumping around
  • Anxious – worried
  • Recess – a small space behind the door
  • Gratitude – thankful
  • Cordial – polite

Question 1: Who had sent Nat to plumfield?

Answer: A kind gentleman named Mr. Laurence had sent Nat to Plumfield.

Question 2: How many children did Mrs. Bhaer have? Name them.

Answer: Mrs. Bhaer had two boys named Rob and Teddy.

Question 3: Why was Nat concerned about Tommy Bangs?

Answer: As Nat waited in the hall, he saw some boys playing ‘tag’ and they were sliding down the banisters. One boy came down so swiftly that he fell off with a crash. Nat was concerned that he might be hurt.

Question 4: Which instrument did Nat love playing?

Answer: Nat loved playing the violin.

Nat Comes To Plumfield Questions & Answers

Question 5: Why did Nat burst into tears after playing for the people at Plumfield?

Answer: Nat was a street musician and was used to playing the violin for strangers. But when everyone at Plumfield clapped and appreciated his music, he was overcome with emotion and gratitude at their kindness and love. This made him cry.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

 (a) Who had written this letter?

Answer: A gentleman named Laurence had written the letter.

(b) What else does the letter go on to say about the ‘poor lad’?

Answer: The letter further informed that the boy had been a street musician. He had lost his father as also his violin, and was distressed.

(c) How did the writer of the letter propose to help the boy?

Answer: The writer wanted to know whether the boy was a genius or talented enough to earn a living for himself. He probably wanted to help the boy find a secure future. He wanted to mentor him.

(d) What was Jo’s reaction on reading the letter?

Answer: Jo Bhaer was a very kind and loving lady. So, when she read about Nat’s situation, she immediately made up her mind to give him a home and a lot of love and care.

Question 7: Read the lines and answer the questions:

 (a) Which house is being referred to here?

Answer: The house being referred to is the Plumfield Estate School that Nat had been sent to.

(b) Name the amusement that interested Nat the most.

Answer: The amusement that interested Nat the most was the game of ‘tag’ that some boys were playing. They were rushing about, sliding down the banisters without caring about their clothes or limbs.

(c) Describe the house.

Answer: It was a large square hospitable-looking house with an old-fashioned porch, wide steps, and lights shining in many windows. Despite the rainy weather, it looked very cheerful. There was a great bronze knocker with a jovial griffin’s head on the main door.

 (d) How did Nat meet Tommy Bangs?

Answer: As Nat was watching the boys playing, a lively boy came crashing down the banister at great speed and fell off. Nat rushed to him expecting him to be injured but the boy winked at him and greeted him cheerfully. This is how Nat met Tommy Bangs.

Nat Comes To Plumfield Questions & Answers

Question 8: Read the lines and answer the questions:

 (a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: Mrs. Jo said these words to Nat.

(b) How did the listener react on being offered the violin?

Answer: Nat held the violin quickly and handled it with such loving care that it was very clear that he loved to play music.

(c) What effects did this playing have on the people in the room?

Answer: As he began to play, he forgot everything and slowly, the boys came closer. Mr. Bhaer too came up close to hear him play. They all seemed to be mesmerised by his performance.

(d) What was the reward that he got at the end of his performance?

Answer: At the end, everyone gave him a round of applause which filled him with gratitude and emotion. He was used to being rewarded with pennies when he played on the streets but the clapping was a much bigger reward for him.

Question 9: Number the following sentences in the order that they occurred in the story:


…4…Nat gave the letter to a rosy- cheeked servant.
…2…Nat went towards Tommy Bangs with concern.
…3…Nat said that he had been coughing the whole of winter.
…1…Nat played the fiddle with passion.
…5…Nat turned to the wall and sobbed like a child.

Question 10: Match the person with the description.

(a) Tommy Bangs – roly-poly
(b) The maid – rosy-cheeked
(c) Mrs. Bhaer – jolly
(d) Nat – thin and feeble
(e) Mr. Bhaer – kind and cordial

So, these were Nat Comes To Plumfield Questions & Answers.

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