A Man Named Ashisht Questions & Answers

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A Man Named Ashisht Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Ashisht – Sanskrit word which means bad
  • Identify – recognizing a particular person or thing
  • Approaching – coming nearer
  • Harried – worried
  • Sacred – religious
  • Pleasant – a sense of happiess
  • Suitable – right or appropriate for a particular person or situation
  • Remarkable – worthy of attention

Question 1: What did Ashisht’s teacher asked him to do?

Answer: Ashisht’s teacher told him to go outside the ashram and find a suitable name for himself. When he would come back the teacher would officially give him that name.

Question 2: Why was Ashisht unhappy?

Answer: Ashisht was unhappy because the meaning of his name was bad.

Question 3: What did the man named Margdarshak want from Ashisht?

Answer: The man named Margdarshak wanted Ashisht to guide him to his destination.

Question 4: Why did Ashisht finally accept his name as it was?

Answer: Ashisht finally accept his name as it was because he understood that a name is only a word to identify a person but deeds make the person good or bad.

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