A Modern Miracle Questions & Answers

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A Modern Miracle Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the following questions:

(a)  Who is called a modern miracle?

Answer: Helen Keller is called a modern miracle.

(b) Where and when was Miss Helen Keller born?

Answer: Miss Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia in 1880.

(c) Who taught lip reading to Helen Keller?

Answer: Ms Sarah Fuller taught lip reading to Helen Keller.

(d) Name a kind of writing which blind people can read by touch.

Answer: Braille

(e) What other languages did Helen Keller learn besides English?

Answer: Helen Keller learnt Greek, Latin and French besides English.

Question 2: How do even the parents of handicapped children fail to realize?

Answer: Even the parents of handicapped children fail to realize how they can help them overcome their handicaps.

Question 3: What is our duty towards the handicapped?

Answer: Our duty towards the handicapped is to make them happy, educated and employed so that they will have a sense of achievement.

Question 4: How did Ms. Sullivan come to take an interest in Helen’s education?

Answer: Ms. Sullivan had herself been blind for some time but she had recovered her eyesight. Her experience of blindness had given her sympathy for blind children. Thus, she took interest in Helen’s education.

Question 5: How did learn to read Braille?

Answer: Helen’s teacher gave her pieces of cardboard on which there were words in raised letters. These letters were in the form of dots in different positions. Helen learned to read Braille by feeling the dots with her fingers.

Question 6: How did Ms. Sullivan teach Helen to speak words and sentences?

Answer: Ms. Sullivan taught her the lip-reading system. She got Helen to feel the position of her lips and tongue as she made sound thus Helen learned to speak words and sentences.

Question 7: What were Helen’s achievements at school and college?

Answer: Helen passed her exams in Arithmetic, Latin Grammar and English literature in 1897 at a school in Cambridge. Then, she took her first college degree from Radcliffe college. Then, she took a degree in various subjects. She also learned Greek, French and Latin besides the English language.

Question 8: How did Ms. Sullivan teach words to Helen?

Answer: Ms. Sullivan spelled the words on Helen’s fingers. Different positions of the fingers stood for different letters. Thus, Helen learned to spell words.

So, these were A Modern Miracle Questions & Answers.

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