A Most Important Person Questions & Answers

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A Most Important Person Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Liveried – In uniform
  • Porch – Car parking front area
  • Howled – Shouted
  • Vague – Unclear; uncertain
  • Alley – An open, narrow lane between two rows of houses
  • Gorgeous – Beautiful
  • Solemn – Serious
  • Summons – An official order to appear in front of a judge
  • Icicles – A spike of ice formed while dropping from a tree or house, etc.
  • Ask after – Inquire about someone‘s health and well-being
  • Prejudice – Incorrect understanding
  • Brimming – Overflowing; overwhelming
  • Gratify – Satisfy
  • Verse – Poem

Question 1: Choose the correct option

(a) Miss Lucy endured her loneliness with composure, but at Christmas, it came upon her like an illness because

i. she realized how lonely she was
ii. she was nostalgic about her childhood
iii. the helpers at her place took days off to celebrate
iv. the cold weather added to her ailment

(b) Miss Lucy and her sister had been brought up on a fixed idea. This idea was that

i. people in the world are not reliable.
ii. Christmas is the worst time of the year.
iii. the Quinn family could socialize with only a few in the city.
iv. one can rely on one’s family.

(c) Miss Lucy was disappointed to know that the little boy had a mother because

i. for the first time in years, she had formed an association with someone.
ii. she felt protective towards him.
iii. she couldn’t perceive any other bond that the two might share.
iv. all of the above

(d) When Miss Lucy went to the court to pay her fine, it marked an important in her life as

i. She was breaking away from the old world of her family prejudices.
ii. she did not use her influence and yet avoided paying the fine.
iii. she invited judge Hennesy and his wife to her house.
iv. she met her friend judge Hennesy after many years.

Question 2: ‘She was thinking, rather wishing, for an event that might hurl her out of the world’. What is Miss Lucy wishing for and why?

Answer: Miss Lucy is wishing for some remarkable event because she feels lonely as all her relatives and friends had either died or they were out of touch.

Question 3: Unlike Miss Lucy, Chester is noy shy at all. Give evidence from the story to support.

Answer: Chester easily makes conversation with Miss Lucy when she rescues him, accompanies her to her house, easily accepts invitation to tea, offers to bring his sister to meet her the next day and actually does. Miss Lucy on the other hand keeps to herself and thinks twice about visiting friends. All this proves that unlike Miss Lucy, Chester is not shy at all.

Question 4: In what ways is the friendship between Miss Lucy and Chester unusual and remarkable?

Answer: The friendship between Miss Lucy and Chester was unusual and remarkable because Miss Lucy was a seventy-year-old lady from a titled family who was taught to mix up with people from higher class. On the other hand, Chester was a seven-year-old boy from a lower middle-class family but still they understood the feelings of each other.

A Most Important Person Questions & Answers

Question 5: How could Miss Lucy avoided paying the fine for parking?

Answer: Miss Lucy could have used her influence as the titular head of the local society or even spoken to the Judge who was a family friend to avoid paying the fine. She could have also made a call to Mr Henderson, the family lawyer to get her out of the situation.

Question 6: In the end, why does Miss Lucy believe that Christmas is the most important time?

Answer: In the end, Miss Lucy believed that Christmas is the most important time because it was the time when she could meet her old friends, pay them visit or call them over.

Question 7: We use ‘the’ before an adjective in the superlative degree, but this chapter is called ‘A Most Important Person’. Why do you think so? How is Chester ‘a most important person’ for Miss Lucy?

Answer: Miss Lucy forms a special bond of friendship with Chester and he makes her realize that she need not be alone or lonely. He changes her perspective towards life. He is not the most important person in her life but he is one of the most important.

Question 8: Whom did Miss Quinn decide to have Christmas dinner with? What did they talk about?

Answer: Miss Quinn did not want to have Christmas dinner alone. So, she asked Arthur to drive her to Professor Tilden. Professor Tilden, who was sitting alone over his book, was delighted to have dinner with Miss Quinn. All through the dinner he and Miss Quinn talked about poetry. Later he asked her if she would be kind enough to come and visit the Shelley Club. He told her that there were some gifted young people trying to write verse. He said that since she was so gracious and kind, she might be a great help to them. Miss Lucy Quinn agreed. She had got out of touch with the university since her father had died, and this seemed a very good idea to her.

Question 9: What was wrong with the way Miss Lucy had been brought up?

Answer: Miss Lucy had been brought up on the fixed idea that there was only a small group of people in the city with whom they might associate. One needs to reach out and interact with people from all walks of life.

Question 10: Do you think that this story teaches us something important about friendship? Share your thoughts.

Answer: Yes, it teaches us that age or class does not have anything to do with friendship. Friendship knows no barriers. Meeting new people and having friends help people live a fuller life; makes people happier. We may doubt ourselves, wonder if people like us, but at the end of the day, we just have to make an effort and be outgoing.

So, these were A Most Important Person Questions & Answers.

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