Suvira Questions & Answers

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Suvira Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences with close reference to the plot of the story:

(a) The narrator cursed herself for being stupid enough to volunteer to run the 800-m race.
(b) The narrator knew that, by putting her in this school, her parents were putting a lot of financial pressure for them.
(c) The narrator compared Suvira to a well-oiled machinery.
(d) When the narrator drew the lane next to Suvira, she briefly considered feigning a faint.
(e) When the crowd’s chant of ‘Su-vira’ rose to a crescendo, the narrator realized that Suvira was closing the gap between them.
(f) The climax or the most exciting part of the plot of this story is how Suvira was determined to win acceptance from her schoolmates.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

And now our lives were turned upside down and each one of us was trying to cope with the changed circumstances as best as we could.

(a) What did the narrator mean by the phrase ‘turned upside down’?

Answer: The phrase ‘turned upside down’ means that the narrator’s normal life was disrupted as the family had to leave the place where they had lived for many years and started everything new. The narrator is talking about the disorder they had to face while trying to settle into a new life in a new place, without all the luxuries that they had earlier.

(b) Why had such a situation arisen?

Answer: Such a situation had arisen because the narrator’s father had resigned from his job suddenly and decided to change tracks in career.

(c) What were the problems faced by the narrator due to her changed circumstances?

Answer: The narrator had to face many problems due to changed circumstances. She had to change cities and schools mid-term. She had to say goodbye to old friends and make new ones. She could also not afford the luxuries that she had grown used to and had taken for granted. She had to be careful about not adding to the pressure her parents were facing.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

I tried to shake off my feeling of certain disaster.

(a) What does the expression ‘shake off’ mean?

Answer: The expression ‘shake off’ means to get rid of something.

(b) What ‘disaster’ was the narrator referring to?

Answer: The narrator was referring to the disaster of losing the 800-metre race because Suvira appeared to be tough competition and the narrator was new to the place and had little support.

(c) How did the narrator try to ‘shake off’ the feeling?

Answer: She told herself that she had won the 800-metrerace a couple of times in Calcutta and that there was no guarantee that Suvira was better than her.

Suvira Questions & Answers

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

The old favourite with new shoes, the newcomer with old ones.

(a) When did this thought strike the narrator?

Answer: This thought struck the narrator when she and Suvira ran together, step for step, stride for stride, very close to the finishing line. She thought that she would put her old spikes on the victory stand this time, past the flashy new spikes that Suvira had.

(b) To what did the narrator compare her opponent’s shoes?

Answer: The narrator compared her opponent’s shoes to an untameable, wild animal that was springing forward.

(c) What was striking about the opponent’s shoes?

Answer: The striking thing about the opponent’s shoes was that they were flashy new shoes, with glistening sharp spikes.

Question 5: …..this cloud too would have its silver lining. What was the ‘cloud’ that the narrator was referring to and what was she hoping for?

Answer: The narrator was referring to the changed circumstances caused by her father resigning from his job. The family had to leave the place where they had lived for many years and start everything new. They had the challenge of settling into a new place without all the luxuries they had earlier. The narrator had to make new friends and settle in a new school. She hoped that this change would turn out to be beneficial for her and her family.

Question 6: In your opinion, did Suvira’s new shoes play any role in the outcome of the race?

Answer: No, Suvira’s new shoes only helped the author build more confidence in herself as she kept telling herself that her shoes had helped her win a couple of races earlier and that they would not let her down this time if she put her mind to win.

Question 7: Do you think both the winners were happy with the outcome? What makes you think so?

Answer: Yes, I think both the winners were happy with the outcome as Suvira congratulated the author on her winning run and the two of them then joined hands to celebrate the win.

Question 8: According to you, was it right of the crowd to support only Suvira? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: I believe it was not right of the crowd to support only Suvira as it made the narrator nervous. However, we cannot blame the crowd as the narrator was a newcomer and no one knew her.

So, these were Suvira Questions & Answers.

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