The Rumphius Story Questions & Answers

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The Rumphius Story Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

(a) Alice’s grandfather painted pictures of sailing ships and places across the sea.
(b) In the library, Miss Rumphius dusted books, kept them from getting mixed up and helped people find the ones they wanted.
(c) Miss Rumphius went to a real tropical island, where people kept cockatoos and monkeys as pets.
(d) Everywhere she went, Miss Rumphius made friends that she would never forget.
(e) Miss Rumphius started a little garden among the rocks that surrounded her house.
(f) Miss Rumphius couldn’t plant more seeds that first summer because she was not able to do that.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

‘You will always remain my friends too’, said Miss Rumphius.

(a) Who did Miss Rumphius say this to?

Answer: Miss Rumphius said this to Bapa Raja and his wife.

(b) Why did she say this?

Answer: She said this because Bapa Raja and his wife gave her a mother-of-pearl shell on which a bird of paradise was painted and these words were written, “You will also remain our friends.”

(c) Where did she meet these friends?

Answer: She met these friends when she was walking along long beaches on a tropical island, picking up beautiful shells.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

‘What a foolish thing to do’, said Miss Rumphius.’

(a) What was the foolish thing that Miss Rumphius did?

Answer: The foolish thing that Miss Rumphius did was that she hurt her back when she got off a camel in the land of lotus-eaters.

(b) Why did she call it foolish?

Answer: She called it foolish because she felt she was not careful. She had travelled far and wide and done more adventurous things without hurting herself.

(c) What did she decide to do next?

Answer: She decided to find her place by the sea.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

Miss Rumphius was almost perfectly happy. ‘But there is still one more thing I must do’, she said.

(a) What made Miss Rumphius happy?

Answer: Miss Rumphius could take a walk after winter which made her happy.

(b) Why was she almost perfectly happy?

Answer: She was almost perfectly happy because wind had brought seeds from her garden to the other side of the hill.

(c) What one more thing did she have to do?

Answer: One more thing that she had to do was that she filled her pockets with seeds of lupine, wandered over fields and headlands sowing them. she scattered the seeds along highways and down country lanes. She flung handfuls of them around the schoolhouse and at the back of the church. She tossed them into hollows and along stone walls.

Question 5: Which faraway places did Miss Rumphius go to? What were her experiences there?

Answer: Miss Rumphius went to live in another city and there, she worked in a library. Then, she went to a tropical island, walked along the beaches and made new friends. She climbed tall mountains, went through jungles and across deserts. She made new friends everywhere that she would never forget.

Question 6: How did Miss Rumphius hit upon the idea of making the world beautiful? Why did she decide to make the world beautiful in the first place?

Answer: Miss Rumphius saw how the Lupine flowers that she had planted bloomed on stony ground as well. She saw how the wind and the birds had carried the seeds of these flowers and how they had grown in many colours on the other side of the mountain. The flowers looked beautiful so, she decided to plant more lupine flowers to make the world beautiful.

Question 7: Why did people call Miss Rumphius “That Crazy Old Lady”? Do you think they were right in calling her that?

Answer: People called Miss Rumphius “That Crazy Old Lady” because they were not aware what she was doing by going around the fields, hills and open places and throwing seeds of lupine flowers.

They were not right in calling her so because she was the lady who had made the world beautiful.

So, these were The Rumphius Story Questions & Answers.

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