Uncle Podger Leaves For Work Questions & Answers

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Uncle Podger Leaves For Work Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why did Uncle Podger think he was surrounded by conjurers?

Answer: Uncle Podger thought he was surrounded by conjurers because his newspaper went missing every day and he believed that he wasn’t responsible for it. He thought that the people in the house made the newspaper disappear on purpose, merely to irritate him.

Question 2: Why did Aunt Maria gather all the children in the hall?

Answer: Aunt Maria gathered all the children in the hall as a custom to say goodbye to Uncle Podger who was ready to go to work.

Question 3: What was the distance between Uncle Podger’s house and the station?

Answer: It was an eight minutes’ walk from Uncle Podger’s house to the station.

Question 4: According to the narrator, what three things did all the men carry to the station?

Answer: All men carried a black bag, a newspaper and an umbrella to the station.

Question 5: How did people know that Uncle Podger had lost something?

Answer: People knew that Uncle Podger had lost something by his expression of astonished indignation with which he regarded the world in general on such occasions.

Question 6: What did Uncle Podger lose most often?

Answer: Uncle Podger lost his newspaper almost everyday.

Question 7: Where would this item mostly be found?

Answer: Most often, Uncle Podger would be sitting on the newspaper he had lost.

Question 8: Read and answer the questions:

It was not a showy spectacle.

(a) What spectacle was the narrator referring to?

Answer: The narrator was referring to the scene of gentlemen going to work running the last quarter of a mile to the station.

(b) Who were the spectators of this show?

Answer: The spectators of this show included nursemaids, errand boys and sometimes a perambulating costermonger.

(c) How well did the participants perform?

Answer: The participants did not run well or fast but they put in a lot of effort and did their best.

Question 9: Read and answer the questions:

One of them, of course, was sure to be missing.

(a) Who is meant by ‘them’ here?

Answer: ‘Them’ is referred to the children of Uncle Podger here.

(b) Where were they assembled and why?

Answer: They assembled in the hall of the house to say goodbye to their father.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

(a) What sent the uncle ‘rushing’?

Answer: The eldest boy at home would come out with a tale about all the clocks in the house being five minutes slow. This would send the uncle rushing.

(b) What happened to the bag and the umbrella?

Answer: He neither had his bag nor his umbrella.

(c) What was the consequence of all this rush?

Answer: All the children would charge after him, two of them were struggling for the umbrella. The others searched around for the bag. And when they returned, they would discover on the hall table, the most important thing that he had forgotten and wonder what he would say when he comes home.

Question 11: Why do you think that all the gentlemen from Ealing are late for the train every day?

Answer: It seemed to be a custom of all gentlemen from Ealing that they always started late and ran for the last quarter of a mile to the station.

Question 12: Describe Uncle Podger’s attitude towards his family members.

Answer: Uncle Podger had convinced himself that whenever he lost a thing, it was everybody else’s fault in the house but his own. He always blamed them for his troubles and he was never thankful to others for their help.

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