Rajam And Mani Questions & Answers

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Rajam And Mani Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

(a) It was Swaminathan’s idea to throw Rajam into the river for a good drenching – False
(b) Rajam was a new student in Swaminathan’s class – True
(c) Swaminathan’s father was the Police Superintendent – False
(d) All the boys in the class wore shoes and socks and only fur caps to school – False
(e) Mani was a regular seventy-percenter in class – False
(f) Rajam soon became the new power in class – True
(g) Swaminathan stood between Mani and Rajam and acted as the medium of communication – True
(h) Rajam and Mani selected two guards for their deadly encounter – False

Question 2: How was the River Sarayu the pride of Malgudi?

Answer: River Sarayu was the pride of Malgudi. Sand banks of the Sarayu River were the evening resort of all the people of the town. Whenever some distinguished visitor visited Malgudi, The Municipal President took away that visitor to the top of the town hall and proudly pointed to him to the Sarayu in the moonlight, glistening like a silver belt across the north.

Question 3: Why couldn’t the other students speak to Rajam in English?

Answer: Rajam spoke very good English. Other students couldn’t speak to Rajam in English because their broken English was halting and weak before that of Rajam.

Question 4: How did Rajam and Mani become rivals?

Answer: Rajam called Mani a sneak in front of someone, afterwards they became rivals.

Question 5: What happened on Monday during the drawing class? What does it tell you about Swaminathan?

Answer: During the drawing class, Rajam came to Swaminathan to borrow his pencil sharpener which he did not get as Swaminathan directed him to go to the market and buy it if he needed it so urgently. This incident told us that Swaminathan also behaved rudely with Rajam as Swaminathan was friend of Mani and Rajam was rival of Mani.

Question 6: Why does Mani consider Swaminathan a coward? Do you think he was a coward?

Answer: Mani considered Swaminathan a coward because he was unable to brought Lime pickle from his house as his mother was all the time in the kitchen.

Yes, Swaminathan was a coward because he did not have the courage to be friend of Rajam even though he was very fond of him. He had fear of angry Mani.

Rajam And Mani Questions & Answers

Question 7: What do you think of the insults exchanged by Rajam and Mani? Are they sufficient cause for a quarrel?

Answer: Mani wrote a note “Are you a Man” and passed to Swaminathan to pass it on to Rajam, in revert Rajam hissed on Swaminathan’s face. Rajam revert that “Which fool doubts it”? There was no sufficient cause of their quarrel.

Question 8: Describe the encounter between Rajam and mani near Nallappa’s Grove.

Answer: It was past six and the traffic for the day between the banks was over. Swaminathan and Mani were squatting on the sand and were silent. Mani held a wooden club and he was going to throw Rajam into the river. Rajam came in khaki dress and carried an air gun. Mani startled while Rajam fired a shot in the air. After a heated argument, they both became friends.

Question 9: What was the actual cause of the fight between Rajam and Mani?

Answer: The actual cause of the fight between Rajam and Mani was that Rajam was a fresh arrival in the First A. He impressed the whole class on the very first day. He dressed very well and spoke good English. He was a regular seventy-percenter. If Mani was the overlord of the class, Rajam seemed to be nothing less. There were sure indications that Rajam was the new power in the class. This was the new menace that had appeared in Mani’s life.

Question 10: In your opinion, whom does Swaminathan like more, Rajam or Mani? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: Swaminathan likes Mani more that Rajam because he was friend of him and Rajam was rival of Mani. So, he himself considering Rajam his enemy. During drawing period, Swaminathan ignored Rajam and he directed him to go to the market and purchase the pencil sharpener if it is urgent. Swaminathan also mentions that there is no comparison between Mani and Rajam.

Question 11: Do you find the story funny? Mention two incidents in the story that made you laugh.

Answer: Yes, I found the story a bit funny. Though the story makes the readers laugh at several places but I found one moment where teacher asked Swaminathan “What do you know about the Indian climate? and he replied that “It is hot in summer and cold in winter.” Another moment where I found the part funny was where Swaminathan was a mediator between Mani and Rajam.

So, these were Rajam And Mani Questions & Answers.

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