One Friday Morning Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share One Friday Morning Questions & Answers.

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One Friday Morning Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Excels – to be very good at something
  • Slender – thin and delicate
  • Beamed with pride – smiled with pleasure or satisfaction
  • Ashamed – felt shame
  • Calm – not excited
  • Committee – a group of people who are chosen to make decision
  • Deny – to refuse
  • Auditorium – a large room in a building which can hold a meeting
  • Keep me down – make one feel defeated

Question 1: Who was Miss Dietrich?

Answer: Miss Dietrich was an art teacher.

Question 2: ‘Nancy Lee, your picture has won the artist Club award’. Who said these words?

Answer: These words were said by Miss Dietrich.

Question 3: Why Miss O’ Shay had called Nancy Lee to the office?

Answer: Miss O’ Shay had called Nancy Lee to the office to prepare her and to warn her in making her acceptance speech as she wanted Nancy Lee to be calm and prepared.

Question 4: Who was denied the award and why?

Answer: Nancy Lee was denied the award because she was coloured.

Question 5: What were the main ideas of the speech that Nancy Lee had prepared?

Answer: The ideas of the speech were about the importance of equality among all races or colour. It was about the belief in America in giving those equal opportunities.

Question 6: What good news did Nancy Lee receive from her Vice-Principal?

Answer: The good news that Nancy Lee received from Vice-Principal was that she had won the Artist Club Award for her picture.

Question 7: Why was Nancy Lee called into the Vice-Principal’s office the second time?

Answer: Nancy Lee was called into the Vice-Principal’s office for the second time because Miss O’ Shay, the Vice Principal wanted to give the sad news to Nancy Lee that when the committee came to know that Nancy was coloured, they decided not to give the award to her.

Question 8: What did Miss O’ Shay plan to convey before the school board?

Answer: Miss O’ Shay planned to go before the school board and ask them to remove the offer of any prizes or award denied to any student because of race or colour.

Question 9: What did Nancy Lee decide to do when the committee changed their decision?

Answer: When Nancy Lee came to know that committee had changed their decision, she lifted her head and smiled. She thought, that this is not the end, this not the only award, there will be other awards in future. This is not the only school, there are schools in other cities too. This one setback can’t keep her down. After sometime, when she will grow up as a woman, she’ll fight to ensure that such things do not happen to other girls.

So, these were One Friday Morning Questions & Answers.

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