How Teachers Learn Questions & Answers

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How Teachers Learn Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • To go on skip – to leave
  • Ad – advertisement
  • Figure out – understand
  • Significant detail – small things which are important
  • Badly stuck – finding it very difficult
  • Bluffing – pretending in order to deceive
  • Oriental – of the eastern part of the world, e.g., countries such as India and China
  • Type – shapes of different letters (made in metal) used for printing
  • Trivial – unimportant
  • Formal instruction – regular teaching in the classroom
  • Unlettered – illiterate

Question 1: Who was Nora? How did she become a friend of the teacher?

Answer: Nora was a small girl child. She was five-year old. The teacher once went to Nora’s house on a weekend. He was a family friend. He helped Nora to read from a book and thus became her friend.

Question 2: How did the teacher observe Nora while learning?

Answer: The teacher just sat still and silent most of the time. He just observed her struggling with the words. When she was stuck, the teacher would give her a clue. But if that didn’t work, he would read the word for her. If she still not understands the word, he told her to skip it and proceed on.

Question 3: What odd thing happened with Nora? Why was the teacher puzzled?

Answer: The odd thing which happened with Nora was that she misread a word several times that was read correctly by her earlier. The teacher was puzzled because of Nora’s act as she reminded him (teacher about his own classroom situation where students summed to forget things which they had learned.

Question 4: Was Nora a careless child? How do you know?

Answer: No, Nora was a bright child. She concentrated fully on the lessons and most often figured out the difficulties herself. The teacher himself said that she was reading the book with complete concentration and interest. She was not pretending or guessing or trying his teacher to do her work.

Question 5: How should a teacher understand the problems of the children?

Answer: A teacher should try to understand the problems of a child by trying to see things through their eyes and by treating the things the way they (students) do.

Question 6: What experience popped into the teacher’s mind after Nora’s learning problem?

Answer: He had an experience of trying to figure out words that occurred most often on a page from an Indian language. He has once taken a sheet of printed paper which was written in some Indian language. He had tried to figure out the words that were repeated on the page. It took him a long time before he could figure out that word at sight. In the same way, it takes some time for a child to get used to the shape of the letters and words to the point where he can recognize at a glance.

Question 7: Why are children of unlettered homes at a disadvantage?

Answer: The children of unlettered homes are at a disadvantage because they are not familiar with the shape of words and letters. They have no one to watch and observe who could guide them. so, they are at a disadvantage. Therefore, it takes them more time to comprehend and read a word.

Question 8: How did the teacher learn from Nora?

Answer: The teacher learnt about the children’s problems by watching Nora while she was reading and learning. From that very experience, he learnt what problems the children usually face and the ways with which they solve or try to solve them. in this way, he learnt how to deal with issues and problems while teaching the children.

So, these were How Teachers Learn Questions & Answers.

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