The Unthankful Man Questions & Answers

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The Unthankful Man Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Depressed – unhappy and hopeless
  • Plight – an unpleasant condition
  • Steep – having a sharp slope
  • Maid – a female servant
  • Cell – a small room in a prison
  • Chamber – a special room
  • Slither – to move in a curving way
  • Peep – to secretly look at something
  • Outskirts – the outer area of a city, town or village
  • Slither – to move in a curving way
  • Ungrateful – thankless

Question 1: What was Raman’s wife fed up with?

Answer: Raman’s wife was fed up with the abject poverty as she and her husband had to go hungry for days together.

Question 2: What did Raman see when he peeped into the well?

Answer: Raman saw a tiger, a monkey, a snake and a man in the well.

Question 3: Why was Raman scared of the snake?

Answer: Raman was scared of the snake because he thought if the snake was taken out of the well, it would bite him leading to his death.

Question 4: What did the monkey do when Raman was hungry?

Answer: The monkey gave Raman delicious and juicy mangoes to satisfy his hunger.

Question 5: What did the tiger give him?

Answer: The tiger gifted him a golden necklace which was given to the tiger by a prince for saving his life.

Question 6: What did the goldsmith do when Raman showed him the necklace?

Answer: When Raman showed the necklace to the goldsmith, he recognized it and decided to report the matter to the king. Then, he told Raman to sit and wait for him at the shop. He himself went to the king and showed him the necklace of the missing prince. He made the king believe that Raman had murdered the prince.

Question 7: How did Raman cure the queen?

Answer: Raman offered his services to cure the queen. He was taken to the queen’s chamber from the prison. He touched the queen’s forehead. She opened her eyes and was cured of snake’s bite.

Question 8: What did the king send the goldsmith to jail?

Answer: After curing the queen, Raman narrated his story to the king. The king realized the thanklessness of the goldsmith and sent him to the jail because he framed wrong charges against an innocent person (Raman).

Question 9: Who said the following to him?

(a) “Why don’t you go to the nearby town and seek some job?”

Answer: Raman’s wife to Raman.

(b) “I live in Varanasi and I am a goldsmith by profession.”

Answer: Goldsmith to Raman.

(c) “Once, I saved a prince’s life. In return he gave me this necklace.”

Answer: Tiger to Raman.

(d) “You have killed our prince and stolen his necklace.”

Answer: Guard to Raman.

(e) “How did you land up in the prison?”

Answer: King to Raman.

(f) “Go home and live happily.”

Answer: King to Raman.

So, these were The Unthankful Man Questions & Answers.

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