Global Warming Questions & Answers

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Global Warming Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why the Himalayan region is called the ‘Water Tower of Asia’?

Answer: The Himalayan Region has a glacial coverage of about 33,000 sq km by which act as a mother to several streams and rivers. It provides around 0.6 million cubic metres of water annually and supports economy and livelihood of millions of people in several countries of Asia, so it is called the ‘Water Tower of Asia’.

Question 2: Why is water the most precious natural resource?

Answer: Water is the most precious natural resource because it supports all plant and animal life. Without it, the earth will become a lifeless planet. Moreover, it helps in the growth of the economy. It is used to generate electricity and is used for irrigation in agriculture so that we can get two-time meals. So, it is really a precious natural resource.

Question 3: Why has the earth’s average surface temperature increased?

Answer: The earth’s average surface temperature has increased due to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere produced by the human activities such as deforestation and burning of fossil fuels.

Question 4: What are the main sources of water in the Kashmir valley?

Answer: Flood plain lakes, high altitude Himalayan lakes, perennial rivers of Indus system, wet lands of different dimensions, ponds, snow-fed streams, springs, reservoirs are the main source of water in the Kashmir Valley.

Question 5: How is global warming the largest threat to the humanity?

Answer: Global Warming is the largest threat not only to the humanity but also to all living organisms. Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting resulting in the rise in the sea level thereby leading to change in the precipitation and causing seasonal change. Global warming is leading to droughts, lesser production of agricultural yields and has affected the livelihood of people. It has adversely affected the humanity and will continuously affect it, if not controlled in time.

Question 6: How has Kashmir been influenced by global warming?

Answer: Kashmir has been badly influenced by the global warming. Since last two decades, many changes have been seen and witnessed in the valley of Kashmir. Due to global warming, the occurrence of high velocity storms has increased in the valley. It has caused devastation to crops thus, has affected the livelihood of people.

Global Warming Questions & Answers

Question 7: What do you think is the cause of decrease in snowfall in Kashmir?

Answer: As we know that global warming changes the precipitation in the air, this leads to change in weather and climate to extreme extent. So, we think that global warming is the cause of decrease in snowfall in Kashmir.

Question 8: What has been the impact of global warming on J & K so far?

Answer: Global warming has adversely impacted on J & K. The demarcation between seasons that was well defined a decade ago, has vanished. It is now difficult to distinguish between autumn and winter. Glaciers in J & K are receding at an alarming rate as compared to the other glacial regions of the world. In the last forty years, we have lost 16% of glaciers in Suru basin and 18% of Kolhai glaciers.

Question 9: What role do the scientists play in J & K to deal with the problem of global warming?

Answer: Scientists have considered the Kolhai glacier as one of the index glaciers in the Lidder Valley. It has been selected for long term monitoring. This Glacier is the water resource of whole community in this valley, so they have indexed a glacier in this region for assessing water resource availability for them. Scientific studies conducted on the glacier will last for five years after which TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute J&K) will recommend measures to bring down the glaciers recession rate.

Question 10: What do we, as individuals, need to do deal with the problem of global warming?

Answer: As individuals, we should try to create awareness among the people about the drastic effects of global warming. We must make an effort to minimize the air pollution which results in the emission of greenhouse gases which are one of the major causes of global warming. We should also encourage afforestation as trees help a lot in purifying air.

So, these were Global Warming Questions & Answers.

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